8D Bioresonance Non Linear Systems

Bioresonance Technology

Bioresonance is interaction between a living organism and its frequency patterns that surround or resonate as the result of the organisms movements. Bioresonance therapy with NLS device biofeedback is communication set between the frequency of a person physical body reverberates and the receiving of these signals by the NLS bioresonance hardware.
There are over 12,000 known diseases/allergens that can potentially affect your physical body. Some of these syndromes can be caused by the slightest touch of an affected surface or raise in stress level. Use NLS to ensure that you are in the best condition physically and emotionally.
The human brain will receive a signal regarding the need to test one or more organs of the body, which signal is displayed on the computer monitor and is captured in the headphones of subject. The signal represents a series of electromagnetic oscillations characteristic of healthy organs. Every human body possesses its own particular spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations. The question regarding the state of the health can be explored, and in response to a question, the subject’s brain provides an answer, which is then perceived by the sensors. The outcome represents the state of the body organism.
The 8D-NLS provides a response with no use of radiation. The communication is simple, effective, and information gathered about the organs provides an accurate analysis, thus enabling the recognition of changes at the cellular level prior to the manifestation of a serious illness.  The information is being gathered on a cellular level, and the beauty of this method of diagnosis is that before anything is manifested, it is found.

What Can 8D NLS Test?

 Complex Analysis Of All Organs And Systems Of The Human Body
The Cardiovascular System Gastro-Intestinal Tract
Genital-Urinary System Musculoskeletal System
Bronchi-Pulmonary System The Endocrine System
Visual And Hearing Aids/Organs The Nervous System
Biochemical Analysis Of Blood Without Interference
Infection In The Organs And Systems – Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi,
Protozoa, Helminths Infection, Etc.
(Staphylococci And Streptococci,  Giardiasis, Trichomonas, Chlamydia, Urea Plasma, And More)
Qualitative Assessment Of Hormone Levels, Adrenal, Pituitary, Pancreas, Thyroid, Gonads Level Of Immunity
Allergy Diagnosis (Complex Tests Up To 500 Allergens)
Medical Testing (Individual Selection Of Drugs) Chromosomal Diagnosis
Laboratory Analysis (Blood Counts, Biochemical Parameters, Hormones, Trace Elements)
Treatment Of Pathological Processes Identified By The Bio Resonance Therapy (Meta-Therapy).
Treatment Method Litho-Therapy (Spectral Frequencies Individually Selected Minerals)
Fear, Emotional Matrix, Relationship Matrix
Assessment of the chakras and aura (An aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being and is manifested in the physical field by electrically charged objects that represent themselves as different colors that surround the body. This electromagnetic field can provide information regarding a person’s emotional state, the quality of consciousness and will determine the level of health regarding an individual organ and organ systems.)


Signal Input To The Database To Match,
Then Shows The Following Several Different Situations


1 – Normal State
2 – Standard Condition
3 – Restricted State
4 – Serious Disorders State
5 – Weak State
6 – Abnormal Condition
(Sub-health status)


Conditions Treated With Bio Resonance Therapy:
Allergies ADHD Acute Infectious Diseases Bronchial Asthma Autoimmune Diseases
Degenerative Organic Diseases Rheumatic Diseases Arthropathy
Gynecological Disorders such as:
– Painful Menstruation – Hormonal Imbalance – Pre-natal Treatment
Immunodeficiency of varied origin Post-Vaccine Complications
Intoxication and Toxic Stress
Headache and Migraine Mycotic and Parasitic Disorders All Types of Pain
Neurodermatitis and Eczema Sports Injuries Metabolic Diseases
Pre and Postoperative Treatment(s)
Secondary Viral Disorders Urological Disorders

New Addition: pathological, allergen analysis, microbes and parasites, biochemical dynamic level, Homeopathy, most suitable and not suitable for food, flower essences Pakistani song, unbalanced organ analysis, gemstone energy, herbs, etc. more than 10 sample data library.  Auto body repair function, can also choose to do the partial repair, three times faster than 3D nls, repair effect significantly, very suitable for general repair.

Accuracy & Comparison

The foremost question that arises when giving consideration to the 8D NLS device is how the device differs from the hundreds of other devices already being sold on the market. While all companies try to convince people that there is some huge difference in the function of their devices, the truth is that they all function according to similar principles. The NLS is considered a biofeedback device and the most significant difference in biofeedback devices is the methodology in which the diagnosis is being conducted. Some devices work with radio frequencies while others gather information from the pulse and moisture present in the skin. The NLS, however, functions in the realm of processing information within the electromagnetic field while also incorporating other methods of Analysis.
The NLS is designed to provide the most accurate diagnostic results because it focuses on the source, the brain, therefore, the mind is where we begin accumulating information on the changes that occur in the body. The sensors in the headphones placed on the ears of the subject will trigger the brain to communicate the frequencies that occur within the body. Each and every change at the cellular level will be detected and identified, whether the challenge is bacteria, virus, parasite, or any disease manifestation or biochemical being, it will be detected by recognition of its unique frequency/signature and be identified by name and development stage.
The NLS employs a treatment method designed to strengthen the body and enhance the body’s natural recovery to health. The combination of such healing modalities as acupuncture, iridology, aura detection and others enhance the device’s accuracy of diagnosis. Making use of this device affords the practitioner and client an opportunity similar to one-stop-shopping; visiting the specialist for an entire analysis and not having to wait weeks for the results.
The focus is the diagnostic portion, and everything that is spiritual, emotional or mental becomes secondary. Our bodies are incredible, and of course the healing of one’s body has everything to do with the faith and health of a strong mind.. Our analysis is 90%-95% accurate because the program allows the operator to research locally and in detail. The sensors in the headphones are designed to accurately recognize specific frequencies while the patient/client is present.
Most biofeedback equipment operates on a similar principle; detailed software aids in providing the most accurate analysis and the sensors identify the specific frequency which helps in the return to good health. Compared to other devices on the market, the LRIS-NLS appears to be the most user friendly device that provides exemplary accuracy. With its ease of simplicity, it is designed to be used by anyone, practitioner or non-practitioner; anyone who takes a proactive approach and strives for good health and well-being.
The Difference Between 3D NLS And 8D-NLS
Software of 3D NLS is the basic version, it is old version. software with 8D NLS are the latest versions developed by ISHA NLS.
It will take more than 2 hours for 3D NLS to do a whole body testing, and it takes about 10 minutes for the 8D NLS to do a express testing of our body.
3D NLS check 256 organs, and 8D NLS check more than 1000 organ and tissues.
8D NLS can be used Insulin, serotonin, lactate dehydrogenase, cholesterol3D nls cannot do that.
8D NLS can be used to check Mammary organs and tissue cells, 3DNLS only do a basic check
8D NLS Analyzing trace elements of body’s cells, check cell’s trace elements state, In order to do a better understanding of elements balance, replenish the missing trace elements; Can scan the deepest psychological state, in order to do a better relationship analyzing between mental states and diseases of your body.
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, German,  Czech , Polish, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Japanese, Portuguese, Malay, Greek,Turkish, Hungarian, Chinese

Packages Includes:
 Main machine, Headphone Sensor, Blue USB cable, 2 High quality Black connecting Cables,
Testing Cup, USB doogle for software, DVD software, A detailed user E-manual, Aluminum box
Facts About The Program
Equipment set up on a modern element base, has a stylish design, and interfaces with a PC via USB-port. The unit 8D-nls device has a digital trigger sensor in the unit and an analog trigger sensor which is built into the bio inductor. The program works steadily on any Windows operating system (Windows operating system XP/Vista/7).
8D-NLS can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees. Accurate analysis is the driving factor of our company and no matter whom you are or what you do, you will be well informed with the information you will gather from the 8D-NLS device.
*Family Doctors… The device allows detecting and monitoring the expression of genetically caused diseases among all family members
*Clinics And Medical Units… Greatly increases the efficiency of clinical examination and the initial reception. Significantly lower costs of finance and time. Physicians are exempt from routine and often formal work. No need to send your clients to other specialists, you can assist them by examining all the concerns they have and providing treatment, and healing methods.
*Education Facilities And Schools… Becomes a real continuous monitoring of the health of all children and staff at intervals of not less than once a month, the ability to assess the adequacy of student’s health. 
*Sports, Recreation Centers And Fitness Facilities… Objective medical monitoring is required whenever there is a serious exercise. This equipment allows us to create an individual program, taking into account features of the organism.
*May Be Suitable For Home Use… LRIS-NLS is a great tool to monitor the health of your family and friends. Provides means of checkup, treatment and healing without having to spend large amounts of finances on health care services

Manufacturers Warranty For The QMRA And 3d And 8D Analyzers Is 1 Year With Life-Long Maintenance.

If you want to know all, study The ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes, available on the webshop and visit the global forum for free www.3d-8d-hunter.com.

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