Hello to everyone I want to express my excellent and positive experience I had with ISHA store. I ordered the hunter 4025 with all the bells and whistles from the ISHA site and also I took the master class and I'm so happy with the hunter and the excellent service Wim provides. Via remote Wim solved installation issues easily and with a lot of patience. All my questions were answered and beyond of that. By the same way the...

Thomas from Österreich

Just finished my first Masterclass with Wim successfully and I am very happy that Wim is offering it. What you may learn in this Masterclass you can not compare with any written instruction manual etc. Wim is a real expert in 3D/8D/Hunter and in giving his knowledge in Masterclasses to us... I really enjoyed his happyness and humor, while giving in depth explanations and hints in a calm and relaxed way with an always open ear for your questions. Starting with...


I didn't by my 8D from ISHA because I bought at the end of February prior to ISHA selling these machines and I began using it on 8th March. I find it difficult to understand the manual even though I've read it dozens of times so I've asked a lot of questions. I've been supported and helped at every stage. All my questions have been answered kindly and VERY promptly. I appreciate it because I'd have been lost without Wim's...


Postby Ian » Wed May 03, 2017 2:58 pm Hi Everyone, I met Wim in the Spooky2 Forum. At that time I was looking for something that would give me more information than the Spooky Pulse biofeedback. I followed a thread on the Quantum Analyzer where Wim and others were posting their experience and knowledge on this device. I did eventually get this device and then the 8D NLS; and now a Singularity Hunter from Wim's ISHA store. The Hunter was...

Kevin Davies

If you have a need then the Master class by Wim is a must. I had been in contact with Wim on the Spooky2 forums and got my Hunter before ISHA had been set up. And Wim still managed to get a Master class with me. big thank you. I too struggled with all the information out there, spending months just to find out there was no practical method to follow, this prompted me to write a series of session guides, part...

Michael Lauengco

Wim is awesome and such a good and kind person whom you can trust. He does his best to help you. Using Reiki and quantum scalar remote diagnosis scans and treatments, he has been helping my wife with breast cancer and other health issues since February of this year. My wife's condition has improved tremendously in such a short time! She used to have shortness of breath and felt very weak due to adrenal insufficiency. After only three weeks of...

Thomas Seis

I lately bought the newest ISHA 3D NLS Plus + Dongle and I am very happy with it and with its quality. When I received my device, Wim immediately offered me to help me installing the software correctly and for free. Although we had some troubles on my PC first, he stayed very patient, calm and happy and after this he showed me how to use the 3D+. He is a real expert who knows what he is talking about and whom you...

Emolio Radic

Here goes the story: Just couple months ago I got hunter 4025 and it came with support of many manuals, BUT reading it was never so easy way to learn for me. I learned to program the code only, but only with video tutorial, it is so easy for me to pick it up and learn. Books are the last thing where I go, but with lack of video tutorials, I red the manuals and still did NOT get all. So my intuition said take...

Peter Carlich

Good Morning ISHA......My name is Peter Carlich and I am from a little place called Tidewater, Oregon here in America, I met Wim on the Spooky forum this last year as we had been trading posting back and forth over various issues including my lung and prediabetic condition along with weight and skin problems.. Wim offered to give me a scan, if I would send him hair, nail, and blood which I did.... It took about 2 weeks before he...

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