Master Classes "Ian" It is money well spent. You receive more than what you spend

Postby Ian » Wed May 03, 2017 2:58 pm

Hi Everyone,

I met Wim in the Spooky2 Forum. At that time I was looking for something that would give me more information than the Spooky Pulse biofeedback. I followed a thread on the Quantum Analyzer where Wim and others were posting their experience and knowledge on this device. I did eventually get this device and then the 8D NLS; and now a Singularity Hunter from Wim’s ISHA store. The Hunter was delivered via DHL to my house within a week. Wim provided great support to get me up and running. He answered my questions via email promptly. And he also did a remote teamviewer session for Free to make sure everything was working properly. He also gave an overview of how to operate the software.

New users will realise that the instruction manuals dont help that much. They can be a bit confusing. Thats where Wim’s masterclass is very helpful. I took his Masterclass on the Hunter & 8D and must say that it filled in the gaps and re-inforced the basics of operation and interpretation. I am extremely pleased with the coaching session. It is money well spent. You receive more than what you spend. Wim has a wide range of knowledge which he passes on without hesitation. He is passionate about what he does and his energy is infectious. I highly recommend Wim to anyone who is looking to improve their health through good advice and products.

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