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My name is Matthew Thies and I'm not sure how best to describe the last 30 years of my life as it was fraught with struggle and suffering of the body and mind and soul.

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My name is Matthew Thies and I’m not sure how best to describe the last 30 years of my life
as it was fraught with struggle and suffering of the body and mind and soul.

I had a myriad of chronic infections as a child/preteen and I was put on a lot of antibiotics. We had a lovely little lake I swam in as a child and I’m sure I swallowed plenty of that water and whatever may have been in it. I had been complaining of chronic headaches and nausea from that time forward and my first “fall out” occurred at the age of 18 when I couldn’t get up from a nap I had been taking on a couch in a green room at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

The doctors in Omaha tested me for all they could but couldn’t seem to find anything and so for some reason decided I was an “over-achiever” and needed to be put on Zoloft or Prozac which they did after I was forced to drop most of my classes. For a while my symptoms were only bad in the winter months and in the summer I’d bounce back to regular exercise and regular life only to be put back on the ground at the first sign of cold weather or a sniffle.

I attempted more types of treatments and experiments than I can remember as the functional part of my life was getting smaller and shorter and my symptoms lasted longer and longer. After much medical experimentation ($$$) including heavy metal chelation I managed a few years of remission while living in Los Angeles although I attributed it to the weekly Beverly Hills psychotherapy I was receiving as most of my loved ones thought “it was all in my head” as so many doctors put it.

When my symptoms came back I realized I was still sick with something still unknown (the mystery was the worst part of it all) and after some additional testing by doctors with motives I questioned (getting me as a regular paying patient) we decided that I must have some kind of Chronic Lyme Disease and that’s how I treated myself for the next 7 years with horrible and life-diminishing results.

The only doctors who recognized that something was wrong with my being beyond these obviously incorrect assessments were Chinese Medicine doctors and I had copious acupuncture, herbal remedies and cupping performed but after a while all seemed to be less effective and not affordable as I lost many jobs falling ill so often or remaining so incapacitated for so long. I discovered Royal Rife during this time period as well as the necessity of adequate detoxing (was using infrared saunas and Chinese foot massage) but I still wasn’t getting better without being out of work and convalescing for months and sometimes years.

I spent several small fortunes and ruined a few marriages and yet I wasn’t getting better. I moved to a small town in Colorado away from family and friends in what I considered to be my last attempt at wellness or death, whichever took me first. I couldn’t stand for very long without extreme difficulty, I couldn’t stand the sound of my own chewing and went into little tick-like mini-seizures anytime a loud noise occurred. I barely had the energy to get to the bathroom, let alone do my dishes.

I had hoped that rest and isolation would help me recover slowly but I was only becoming worse. I had been using pot to be able to eat and alcohol when I couldn’t control the pain and both were failing me and so, not wanting to go to the local hospital, I took my old-man scooter to the local acupuncturist who stabilized what probably looked like someone on their death bed. She told me about this “metatron” machine they had and started treating me every other week.

I guess the first scan I had looked like a tumor was occurring in my left frontal lobe (all 6’s) and she indicated that she was very close to suggesting I go to the hospital but all corrected enough that my quality of life increased slightly but not without an incredible amount of pot. I was taking 150mg of edible THC every 6 hours and smoking about 2 ounces every week just to survive.

The “metatron” treatments made sense to me as I had studied a bit of quantum mechanics and always loved science although my foggy brain limited my ability to retain much and I began to see how this machine with more use and experimentation might really help me as the acupuncturist I was seeing didn’t seem interested in helping me get better so much as keep me going with small results and on a regular schedule for their pocket book.

She had trained some locals to work the machine and I figured I could learn this too and so I started googling “hunter” and finally found ISHA after about a year and a half of what I call “medicore” treatments by the local acupuncturist office-although I’m extremely grateful that one was near me and saved me from the hospital visit and probably death.

I just felt that there was much more that could be done.

After purchasing ISHA’s many healing products including the detox machine I started studying the apprentice master classes and taking the ISHA cure and saw immediate results.

I have been pot-free for over 3 weeks now and I’m literally zapping my pancreatic area as I write this with the Rife Zapper.

I’ve returned to a quality of life that I can barely remember ever having and am looking forward to continued improvements as I’ve just discovered the power of the Aura Commandments.

With the Hunter I’ve helped my loved one find issues that her doctors missed and have helped treat her with these products when modern medicine failed her as they seemed to fail me for so many years.

I feel like I get a chance to live a little of life that I’ve been watching so many others enjoy without the hardships of the body and mind and soul and

I’m so grateful I could explode.

Thank you thank you, ISHA, Wim, and all of you in the forum.

I have a lot to learn but I’ve learned enough to get myself out of the muck as it were and

I’m looking forward to this new life in front of me.

As Wim likes to say,

“Have a great time coming!” :D :D :D :D

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