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Congratulations !  You have landed on the most important informational website in your life …. !

The most important, for you, your family, your friends, your clients, and your patients …. you will see 🙂

For the best bio resonance machine , the best bioresonance device, the best bioresonance software, the best bioresonance
warranty, the best bioresonance support, the best bioresonance classes, the best bioresonance training …. it is all here 🙂

So, what can you do with high-quality Bioresonance and Non-Linear Systems aka NLS for YOUR health? Your family and your clients?

From now on, YOU will take control of all the health, happiness, and joy of all the people you care for!

But, do not waste time and money on trying to be cheap ….. the cheapest is always the biggest disappointment …. 🙁
And then you have spent 2 times your hard-worked precious money …. 🙁
It is an economic principle, you get what you paid for …. 🙁
We at ISHA receive emails from all over the world ,weekly, with “oooh i wish i did buy at your place” ….. it is the truth.

Only at ISHA you get much much more than what you paid for ! Why ? Because we care and we are a family.

Be wise and use the best Bioresonance devices and software from ISHA, so you will become successful like our professional
members in over 155 countries. Visit the forum at www.3d-8d-hunter.com and read the ” real” self-written testimonials from
doctors, therapists, users, scientists, internists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and even professors!

ONLY ISHA provides and sells ISHA software to customers (or by The worldwide isha gold (trained) resellers)

Competitors would ask at least 10-20 times our prices ….. but they can not since they have zero in research, developments,
productions, support on this high level……. 🙂

See here all videos on bioresonance non-linear systems of the ISHA global successful family members!

It also works on almost all competitor brands (to be sure, provide your brand + model + year of purchase)

Logically since we invested highly in research and development for many years and still do….. continuously (others do not)
Also since we have the only real worldwide NLS support group….

But no matter what you do, FIRST watch all the free videos on above link and …
Watch & study The ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes Level 1-2-3-4-5-6

There is NO place where these secrets will be taught…. 16 + hours of REAL high science degree teachings and secrets!


To watch as many times, as you want, forever!
Know more than any specialist did in over 10 years ….. as by testimonials of professionals in over 155 countries.

And learn the protocols for new insights of real body working and healing.
YES, this is not only about NLS, it’s about all you need to know to make a change!

These protocols are for free for all on the global forum here:

Be finally successful in really helping people and providing all, a 2e chance, like our professional members in over 155 countries
worldwide …. Even professors like Professor Dr. Sammy Benjamin Paryzer with 25 yrs exp. and dr. Jef Sutherland!

In short: to be successful,

You need….

1). The FREE ISHA cure (see the main menu in the forum)

2). The ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes Level 1-2-3-4-5-6
*optional The Biophilia training.

3). You need the combination of the most powerful and extended software ever in 30 years :
ISHA Hunter Metatron +
ISHA Virus Expert Pro +
ISHA DNA Expert Pro +
ISHA Aura Commandments Expert Pro Physio
*The ISHA Biophilia X1 is optional.

We always advise: do NOT buy!

First, watch and study all ……… and ask many questions on the forum, to other non-sales related, experienced users …..
that’s honesty and will provide you with all the answers to make good decisions.
And with the classes, you will be finally the most successful, as the real specialists with 35 yrs NLS experiences and real knowledge of healing secrets!

The value is as said by experts 10 to 20 times ….. the price asked. But we want it to be available for all despite their income!

IF you want to know it ALL about NLS but certainly about  REAL FAST REAL healing, you certainly need
The Apprentice Masters Classes  so you can watch many times and learn like
other users, therapists, doctors, scientists and even professors worldwide from 152 countries.

You will learn more then others did in 10 years, even specialists.

Please see here all the videos on demonstrations of our high-quality Bioresonance NLS software, so you know what to expect

Here are the links    *Also the link for the global FREE NLS forum www.3d-8d-hunter.com


Here are the links

Level 1-2-3-4-5   More than 12+ hours of knowledge “others do no know”. Even specialists learn, who worked 25 years on NLS !!



Level 6 , Lets do miracles ! With automation scripts and video + docs !!

Special training about Biophilia Tracker


24K Gold Certification

Testimonials worldwide, REAL self-written by members!




Also, visit the global FREE forum with translation button (right-top button)


And for the certificates here http://3d-8d-hunter.com/viewtopic.php?f=85&t=616

p.s. we also do Masterclasses One on One


Here the testimonial from REAL people who you can contact on the global forum



Have a wonderful time coming!

Reserving all rights, defenses and type mistakes.


Yours sincerely, ISHA Team,


Worldwide offices following soon in USA, Bahrain, Thailand, Africa, Spain, Serbia, China, and many more.

  • Headquarters Office The Netherlands:
    ISHA Quantum Metaphysics of NLS
    Ceresstraat 13, 4811 CA Breda
    Noord Brabant
    The Netherlands, Europe
  • International phone number: USA +1 267 535 5751
  • Skype: ishanls@outlook.com
  • Skype phone : USA +1 1317 527 0865


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