FAQs & Payments

Q: How about support ? Is it included ?
A: YES !
Our support is really the best on this planet, no doubt about it !

Many REAL testimonials from all over the world, can be read on the forum here, so you know.
You can even contact all these people by the forum (when you have done 3 posts)

We provide you with pre-instructions with free tools, so you system is up to date and functioning.
We provide you all information in detail so you know what you buy
We provide you with free access to the global forum so you know it all
We even do the complete installation (included in price) so a guaranteed 100% working
We do after installation support for 3 months for free !!
We provide worldwide The Apprentice Masters Classes
We do Masters Classes One on One
We do certifications
We will guide you for many years.

Q: Are you a manufacturer ?
A: NO, we are inventors, researchers, and a sales agency.
All our products are shipped directly to you from the factory and exporter located in China.
This is to save time and high costs for you. Tracking will be available.

Q: Which payment method do you accept?

A: We accept Bank, Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank transfer although you can only choose paypal when you place the order from ISHA. If you want to use other payment methods, please contact us through email sales@nonlinearsystem.eu or by online chat.

Q: Can i pay in monthly parts ?  
A: Yes, in some cases we allow to pay in parts.

Q: Why can’t I make payment by credit card?

A: Please check with your credit card company about below information:

1. Does your card have payment limitation per order or per day? If so, we can split the payment into several invoices for you.

2. Is there enough money in the card?

Q: I registered a new PayPal account, why can’t I make payment?

A: For new paypal account, you need to contact your bank to approve your first payment.

Q: Why does PayPal cancel my order?

A: 1. Please approve the shipping address in your Paypal account first.

2. If your Paypal account is a new one and this is your first payment, you need to contact your bank and ask them to approve the payment.

Q: I can’t pay via PayPal because I’m shipping to one country but my billing address is in another country.

A: You can keep your shipping address the same with the billing address, and send shipping address to us. We will arrange shipment to the specified address for you.

Q: What is warranty?

A: We offer one-year warranty for all the products. If anything is wrong with the products, please contact us, we will fully assist you in solving the problem. FAST !

Q: What is estimated delivery time?

A: It generally takes about 24 hours to proceed with the order, and 4-7 working days in shipping, shipments can take longer to arrive depending on customs practices in the receiving country.

Q: How about Customs clearance ?
A: Normally we would choose the quickest shipping company which also has the strongest customs clearance ability in your country. Delivery time is normally between 5-10 days.
Depending on your customs rules it may take longer. We cannot infuence this 100%

Q: How about VAT + Customs ?
A: Since the products do not remain in the Netherlands or Dutch Customs and are directly shipped from the factory\exporter in China shipped to you. You, the customer as the importer, must to pay the VAT and Customs according to your country.
All our prices are excluded VAT + Customs. This is stated on your orderform, your invoice, the terms % conditions on checkout.
So these can not be missed or wrong understood.

Q: How about returning costs ?
A: Returning costs are for your account. We already did FREE\inlcuded FAST delivery shipping worldwide for free.
You have to pay returning costs to our chinese exporter\factory. We will provide the address
and most inexpensive shipping data. We will follow up your dispute and handle it with 100% care.
We want content and happy customers and are willing to do it all for you..

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  • Welcome to the ISHA Quantum Metaphysics of NLS webshop
  • The Inventors of Multi NLS, Many Software, Black Box, Multi Zapper
  • All our products have (at least) a full guaranteed warranty of 1 year
  • All installation for 100% guaranteed working are included worldwide !
  • Our product range can not be compared. We have it ALL
  • We are the inventors of The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box and more ...
  • Also please visit the forum http://www.3d-8d-hunter.com
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