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International School of Healing Arts
In Möslim, last evening prayer – In Hindu, Goddess of protection – In Arabic, long life

Dear all,

When we sent files, we sent by These are secured files.
Since all our files are compressed, use WINRAR at to extract to c:\data 
Still some people receive the files and do not know what to do, well know you know it all 🙂
*Save all files in a directory c:\data
Then extract all files
Now you are ready for the installation, so please study this page fully !

WARNING ! Windows 10 has problems with the user RIGHTS on the C: drive
This can give strange working or characters …..

So install your ISHA NLS programs on the D: drive 



DONGLE PROBLEM ?  *Please see bottom of this page !

Yes all ISHA software packages are in +/- 60 languages.
As a standard, we will send you *English software packages since this is the closest to the
ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes.

If you want to receive the software also in YOUR preferred language, simply just ask and we will supply.
(*note we do not guarantee to have all languages, logically. But also Zulu, Chinese, Japan, etc is available).

Note: ISHA Virus and DNA Pro are already in +/- 45 languages, to select from the admin area.
But be aware that the translation will take the first time +/- 30 minutes, so do not interrupt.
All other packages are to be asked for.

If you now have the English software and you want to change to your own language, for example
to Spanish or Korean, Chinese, German, xxx

Be sure that you FIRST UNINSTALL the English versions by MS Windows Apps
Otherwise, you get things mixed up …..
And use a cleanup tool like CCleaner to cleanup the INI files of windows.
And be sure you have installed your MS Windows Language packs !


Be sure your WINDOWS version installed is THE ENGLISH WINDOWS VERSION

Otherwise, we can not give support. We can not support 154 languages ….. logically.
And the English windows version is the most up to date version, so fewer pc problems 🙂

Later you can add more languages to windows, so also your language 🙂

But, this is the following order to have no problems …..
1). first install English Microsoft Windows version
2). then do all windows updates till 1909 release
3). then install and run Driverbooster to update all drivers (free download at
4). then finally install your language pack of windows
5). install and run Advanced System Care, select ALL and run (free download at
6). install and run the free Smart Defrag, select all drives + Windows Apps ! (free download at
7). finally, at last, you can install all NLS software from ISHA
8). install the drivers from the NLS programs (see all below)

Be sure all is connected and lights are on !

Do NOT install multiple versions or languages of a NLS program !! 
This will mix up your windows ini files and might create windows problems (crash/hang)
Only install 1 version \ language.
If you did … DE-install \ Remove all
Make sure you cleaned ALL leftovers in windows ini files by a cleaning tool like CCleaner
And RE-install 1 version \ 1 language !

============== keep reading please ======================================

ISHA family of NLS
Dear ISHA customer and friend,

Welcome to the worldwide, happy and succesfull ISHA family !
We are proud to have members and specialists from over 156 countries worldwide.
And we are also proud to have YOU as a new ISHA family member.


The global ISHA Team.

Soon (or you already did),  you receive your NLS order by fast DHL TNT, USPS.
(*No we do NOT deliver to\at P.O. boxes, it has to be signed for, its expensive but fast & secure shipping)

All info like tracking & support, for your order and equipment is provided in your *personal account (on top of page).








Hereby the instructions for your new Advanced NLS system.


Need help with choosing the good pc or laptop ?
Just sent an email to support or sales and we will advise you for free.

ISHA family of NLS

NOTE: YES, we provide FREE quality support, worldwide.
By the;

*Forum: we provide “forever for free”, 24×7 global support on the forum
by a team of forum moderators, by the forum support administrators and experienced forum users from over 151 countries.
All are experienced NLS users and Apprentice Masters of ISHA.

*Order support : Yes, as written in the product you ordered, some have 1 hour, others up to 3 hours, some even 20 hours.
Depending on what you ordered.  But this *included free checkup installation support is for 3 months or a year to come…… so use it wise.
All communications by email and the ISHA webshop support ticket system, will be registered and also the hours.
If you use it in a lazy way, its gone. Then you have to buy support hours, logically 🙂

Need support ?
*Always, first, visit the global ISHA forum for worldwide support and questions at
The forum is open for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Urgency matters ?
For urgency matters make a support ticket at your account or sent to
The ISHA support ticket system is open, 24×7 but active respondage is at \ during business days from 8 am till 17:00 pm
Europe time. All tickets have a response time and are done in FIFO, first in, first out but within 24 hours by email.
*Appointments are done next week, within 7 business days. *or you did buy an *ISHA Urgency Support Contract,
then its done within 2-3 days or even 24 hours (business days)

NO PC experience ?, no friends who can help, no it guy ? or just want the best *ISHA professionals doing the job ….  
Contact ISHA sales at , tell us, what needs to be done, ask a quote, book the hours (buy at the store)
*Appointments are done during business hours from 8 am till 5 pm, Europe time.

Installation done by ISHA professionals ?

Order at the webshop, get your installation appointment. *Installations are done at 9 am, 11 am,  13:00 pm, 15:00 pm,  Europe time.

Note: if your pc and windows are NOT up to date as instructed below and our professionals have to spend a lot of extra time.
All extra hours need to be paid too, logically. Cheaper is doing it yourself, ask an experienced friend or a local it guy.


DO THIS BEFORE – DURING – AFTER THE INSTALLATION (or the appointment checkup) !

ISHA is the only company who really does give a gold installation support checkup (if you need for FREE).

We provide highly developed software wich installs itself, very easy in c:\data\isha
So you have 1 place where everything will be; The uninstalled programs, the installed programs, the client records,
the classes, the manuals, the videos, the automation scripts, everything is in one place.
So if a problem occurs (for example windows or pc crashed) all can be fixed very easily.

Our programs have self-repair functions, just run the install program and it will repair the installed program.
All client records will be safe. …..
This is 99,99% guaranteed since other pc related problems might occur, logically. For example a crash of a harddisk or memory
can cause conflicts. So always make a good backup and create every week restore points.
Making a backup or copy of all is very easy since you only have to backup c:\data and you have it all secured.

Since our software is installed in 1 directory, c:\data
and not as usual in c:\windows\users\tata\tata\tata\etc or anywhere ????
and windows forgets or the links are broken. And you can not find where you did the installation if a problem occurs.
Very frustrating for you and this is prevented by our self-installable software.
At the end you will have a more stable and secure system with our self-installable software, always.

A free global forum. The free ISHA cure, Highly Classes, and many, many more ….

Despite our low prices and high quality hardware with *3 years factory warranty on NLS systems and
the newest most highly developed and most extended powerfull software…… it is all included.

But some people think whats for free, costs zero. That is not the case….. 🙂
ISHA re-invests allmost 50% of all revenues ….. in research, new inventions, developments, production,
quality, monitored secured hosting,  and many many more, for our customers.

We want long term good relations but also a seriously adult behavior, from both sides.
(at most other companies you have to do it all by yourself, left in the dark, and you do not get the golden checkup support
or high quality hard and software + global forum as at ISHA)

Testimonials?  REAL testimonials can be found on the forum here

ISHA family of NLS

FOR YOU (or you pc guy) TO DO;

BE sure to be present at the reserved “installation checkup” reservation time (paid or free).
If you do not show up, we have to charge you 275 $ (2 hours minimum) for a new appointment.
Because also our time is important. And we can not help another important person. So take this seriously, please. 🙂

Does ISHA install ?
No we do not install the software. You or your pc guy does. We do the free installation checkup, if needed.
To help you if you get stuck, so you are not left in the dark 🙂
In most cases it is not needed because of our clear instructions and high-quality, easy self-installable software.

NO PC or Windows knowledge or experience ?
If you do absolutely not know how to use a pc and microsoft windows, ask a local it guy, a experienced friend or
book the installation hours at the webshop. First ask how much time is needed and then book the hours \ buy.

NO WIFI instead be sure you will have a direct internet cable connected to your router  (ask your pc guy or shop or friend)

If not and the session is too slow it will cost extra time. Extra time will be charged or the session will be stopped.
Or it is not possible to do installation and communications at the same time.
If not and the session has to be interrupted, you have to pay 275$ for a new appointment.
Pay to Paypal

NOTE: if you need support, download  install, run, *give all access rights
(in aeroadmin under connections) and sent your ID to
Also sent your Skype ID (as extra com option)

*Your PC and windows have to be UP to DATE at least to windows update 1909.
*Your PC and windows have to be UP to DATE at least to windows update 1909 Nov 12, 2019.
* Otherwise your pc components will not work 100% …. :oops:
* Microsoft releases new major updates every six months :idea:
If not, ask your pc guy. Otherwise the installation will be difficult, or not possible and stopped.
See here the Microsoft Windows release information and end dates of support ….

REMOVE, de-install ALL anti virus software, or if you are experienced make sure you add all NLS programms to the white list
of your antivirus software and *windows defender (since these are exe files and the dongles are encrypted, windows and av software think
it is a virus\trojan. Well, it is not)

Note: You do not need anti virus software since (see below of page for instructions)
*The FREE Advanced System Care, does it all ! And Driverbooster !!
Install BOTH programs first, select all and run ! Then reboot pc so all is integrated and windows up to date.
(anti virus, protection, privacy, keeping the system stable, good working, speeding up internet, browser, etc etc, all)

Note: if you have anti virus software installed and it does not work it is YOUR problem. The session will be stopped.
You can book a new ” paid” appointment by the webshop. No, the 2e appointment is not for free.
(support by the forum is for free, always)

Our advise ? Remove all anti virus software. Some have even 2 or 3 different anti virus software programms installed
and Windows Defender….. that never works and will only give problem OR you know what to do and put all NLS progs
in the whitelists. But it will be your problem if it blocks all, logically.

Our systems and software do work without any problems in over 151 countries. Used by normal people and experts.

Be wise and use your NLS pc only for NLS, so not connected to the internet and it will work for 10 years to come.

Use a 2e pc for your other tasks such as administration and internet.

And use or buy an A-brand pc like HP, the business lines.

Advised pc:
Processor I5 or I7, 16 GB RAM (or more), 250 GB harddisk, graphics card 2 GB or more.
Note: all our programs WILL run even on a slow old pc with only 4 gb
But since you want a good advise for the best working pc for many years to come, its best to get a good one.

E). YOU have to Do as written below;

Bioresonance ISHA family of NLS

Your special key dongles will be sent by DHL, USPS, or any other FAST and secured shipping agency.
No these are not usb sticks, you can not see what is on it. It is secured.
And you never must write or copy data on it …. otherwise they can get corrupted and it wil cost you a new dongle set ! 🙂
If you use them normally, they will last for 10 years or more.
But you need it to be inserted in the usb port, to install and run the programs.
*Before usage,  you always FIRST need to install the USB TO SERIAL drivers from the drivers directory.
Each programm has it own usb port drivers (see below for explanations)

You will receive further files by Wetransfer (secured download)

Please copy ALL files to c:\data   (yes make a directory)

*Download the free Winrar extraction tool at

And EXTRACT all files wich you received from ISHA in the main directory C:\data

The files will look like this:
For 3D-8




For Hunter Metatron


For 8DVA




For Biophilia X1 (first install 4D, then ask Key by support)
A popup will appear, copy the numbers and sent by email to support for generating of your KEY !




























ISHA Biophilia X1
*Also right click on the file and run as administrator !
And AGAIN fill in the KEY !





















*Ask for KEY, the same procedure as with X1 and 4D




For ISHA Metatron Hunter:





Note: make sure you selected from the year 2013, these are the best drivers for your Hunter.


1). Go to windows ” devicemanager”, right click on windows logo, select devicemanager

In devicemanager, look at LTP/COM ports. if they are available, then you have a physical connection.
If not, your usb port is faulty or your usb cable …. ! It must show up !

But your device MUST be connected and turned ON.

Right click, go to properties, it must show driver version of year 2013
If not install the correct driver.

2).Now go to USB Serial converter (below at the list), click properties of driver.
It must show of the year 2013. If not install correct driver.

For Biophilia X1







ISHA family of NLS



Install all software as an administrator in windows.
How ? Right click with your mouse on the programm

Select: run as administrator

And always run all your programs as an administrator so you have all rights!

2e Notice: make sure you have your NLS device connected and TURNED it ON!
The lights must blinking and you must see the device in your device manager in the
COMM-LPT Ports otherwise your usb port does not work ….. 
You need this physical connection to install and run all nls software….

To be sure, start your windows devicemanager and you will see the connection
If you turn your device off, it will be gone from this list. Turn your device on again and it appears again in the list. 
This is also to check if you installed the correct drivers and if the usb cable or usb port is functioning properly.















NOTE: always right click and install your programms as ADMINISTRATOR !

ISHA Hunter Metatron:
*INSERT : the SILVER dongle (old one are red). You pc will make a sound and recognizes the dongle as a usb drive (it is not)
* install
, and it will automatically install the program and drivers on your desktop.


Now on your desktop will be 2 icons.
A programm icon and a driver icon (to install the drivers)




Now install the drivers ( from the year2013).
And you are ready to go.

Have much fun with your ISHA Metatron Hunter (and see The Apprentice Masters Classes and manuals)

ISHA 8D Virus Expert / DNA / Aura :
First insert the PINK dongle
*install, and it will automatically install in c:\data\isha directories and
install programm icons on your desktop









ISHA Biophilia X1
or X2 (X1 is the newest, first place)

First, insert the PURPLE dongle !

*1e install ISHA 4D (*this will take a long time depending on the speed of your pc, 15 min up to 1 hour)

*Ask for Key, when you run the 4D or Biophilia programm,
a popup will appear, copy and paste the numbers & letters in the popup.
And sent to so we can generate your KEY













Then all will work very fine.

*2e Then install X1
Again a popup will appear, fill in the KEY













The icon for X1 will be placed on your desktop.





*3e install the drivers for Biophilia





YES, both for *dongle and for *device !!







*Ask for Key, when you run the 4D or Biophilia programm,
a popup will appear, copy and paste the numbers & letters in the popup.
And sent to so we can generate your KEY

Then all will work very fine.

ACTIVATION OF THE EXTRA 100’S OF ETALONS and 10.000 or remedies, research, products

*The activation of the extra catalogs is demonstrated in the free video.
You can watch here

ISHA family of NLS

Many old or new pc’s and windows systems and DRIVERS are outdated or not complete, make sure your system is up to date !

Download for free Advanced System Care at

Install, select all, run

Download Driverbooster for free at

c). Download at  AUTO DEFRAG
Download and install, run so your hdd and sdd and Windows APPS are defragmented to work fine.

Install, run, reboot pc !!!
(so windows can be configured completely)

Note: run advanced system care + auto defrag at least 1 time a week.

Let the PC ON and be connected to the internet so all can be updated.

3). When we have made an checkup appointment; (if needed)

  1. a) Sent your aeroadmin + skype id so we can connect
  2. b) download (so we can do the remote checkup of the installation)
    Give all access rights (connections + acces rights on top of programm aeroadmin)
    And sent your IDAnd sent your Skype ID (just in case)Be sure your microphone and speakers DO work !

Note: you can also use for remote sessions

Do you need more info or support ?
Watch The Apprentice Masters Classes Level 4 !
All about a stable pc and windows and NLS is explained.
Go to the global worldwide forum at

Or book the minimum of 2 support hours by the webshop


DRIVERS….for you NLS;

ISHA Biophilia 4D and X1 or X2, itself has protected drivers so it will work always IF you installed the 2 driver programms
(see driver directory of Biophilia)

ISHA Hunter Metatron, 8D Virus Expert Pro, DNA Expert Pro, Aura Commandments Pro Physio ….
Run the best on these drivers wich are included in the software package and installed.
But could be replaced by windows ….. so here again you have the best drivers.

You can download here :

Also available by the forum.


Hey, it worked for a long time but now it says no device ??
Windows replaced the driver so install again to correct

Or Driverbooster replaced the driver, you can instruct driverbooster NOT to update the USB SERIAL driver.
Then it will always work, even within 10 years to come …..:)

Or Windows defender or your antivirus programs removed your nls program …..
Do as written on top of this page and remove your anti virus or add the programs to the whitelists of windows
defender and your antivirus program.

For urgency matters, you can contact us in the support section of this webshop and make a ticket.

*Our dongles and software are always running fine in over 152 countries and it was never the problem ….. 🙂

1).  Make sure you installed the drivers as instructed above !
Note:  YES, the from 2013 are also for your Hunter software and all ISHA 8D software versions !

So please  install  these drivers and  select  year 2013 !!

This is because your usb port is faulty\error or not configured correctly (seen) in windows
1). Try a 2e usb port
2). install drivers
3). do not use a usb HUB but connect the dongel directly in the pc
4). if you use a usb hub make sure it is a self powered good quality hub
5). use a 2e pc to test

When done, all should work fine, otherwise try 2e pc since our dongles and software are never a problem.
Only windows and pc’s  are causing a problem + non active slef powered, usb hubs (or if not good configured)

Best advise for a stable system running for years ? 
Make sure your device is connected and the usb dongles are in the pc
Make sure all cables are connected, usb to pc + device, headset to device, remedy cup to device,
ISHA Black Box to device, white cable goes to cup input, black cable goes to headset input.
Turn  ON your device so the light are blinking !
*Only use your pc for NLS practices.
Use a 2e pc for your email and administration tasks.
Do not connect to the internet.
Make sure your USB-SERIAL driver is NOT updated by Driverbooster or Windows.
Config driverbooster and Windows, not to do (next to driver, select not to update & windows defender , add to white list)
Make a weekly backup of your c:\data !!! So all your non-installed, original programms, your installed programms,
your client records, your Murgee auto scripts, your classes, your docs, ALL are saved.
Make a daily restore point by windows, so when something happes you can correct it in a few minutes !
Watch the recorded checkup installation video(s) since then you see exactly how its done.
Do NOT copy to a new pc and then think it will work …. it will not, all has to be installed to work.
So when you copy to a new pc, make sure you also do the installations of all programs.
When you want to re-install your programs, make sure your device is on and your dongles are inserted.
Run the  programms weekly.
Run the free Advanced System Care, weekly, it has to smile (be sure you selected all items)
Run the free Auto Defrag (in the toolbox of ASC) weekly, so your Windows Apps, your SSD, HDD, are defragmented for speed.

BIOPHILIA X1 extra advise and TIPS:

Extra measures / advises given:

1). Make sure no background programs are running (see right corner windows)  like, smart defrag, cleanup, antivirus etc etc, minimize background running programs
2). Make sure windows defender is not interfering by instructing windows defender > this is a program which you use/is allowed
3). Make sure you installed the proper Biophilia drivers in the Biophilia directory > drivers ….. sometimes forgotten….
4). It is advisable to use a 2e pc to separate the different NLS versions and tasks.
5). It is advisable to use a new location for the installation of Biophilia since SSD drives do not removed complete the files,
example try a D:\Data\ISHA\Biophilia
Or on C:\Data\ISHA-NEW\Biophilia
6). With Biophilia DO NOT USE MURGEE AUTO SCRIPTS ….. windows can not handle it
Since Biophilia X1 already has REPEAT functions, do NOT use Murgee !!
7). do NOT install multiple versions or languages of a NLS program !! 
This will mix up your windows ini files and might create windows problems (crash/hang)
Only install 1 version \ language.

If you did … DE-install \ Remove all
Make sure you cleaned ALL leftovers in windows ini files
And RE-install 1 version \ 1 language !

If you do as instructed above, you will have a fantastic experience and long time stable system.
Also problems are fixed very fast and easy.

Need professional support ?
*Always, first, visit the global ISHA forum for worldwide support and questions at
The forum is open for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Urgency matters ?
For urgency matters make a support ticket at your account or sent to
The ISHA support ticket system is open 24×7 BUT active respondage is at \ during BUSINESS days from 8 am till 17:00 pm
Europe time.

NO PC experience, no friends who can help, no it guy ? or just want the best ISHA professionals doing the job ….  
Contact ISHA sales at , tell us, what needs to be done, ask a quote, book the hours (buy at the store)
*Appointments are done during business hours from 8 am till 5 pm, Europe time.

*New customers receive a high 50% discount on installation hours (see on top of page)

ISHA family of NLS

Have a wonderfull time coming !

Reserving all rights, defences and typemistakes.

Yours sincerely, ISHA Team,

ISHA Shop / ISHA Quantum Metaphysics NLS

ISHA family of NLS

Disclaimer: The information is provided for educational, experimental, investigational, and research purposes only.
 Information contained on this email should not be construed as medical advice.


Dear friend,

Hereby the new version of the ISHA Metatron Hunter

Since windows defender can be a pain and you have to add your prog, normally to the white list,
this is released especially. So for current or future installments.

We spend a lot of time and double-checked all so all should work 100%

Many languages are supported, just ask and we will sent you the new software version ….. for FREE.

Have a wonderful time coming!

The global ISHA Support Team

  • We are the inventors of The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box and more ...
  • All prices are in USA $ .... and *Including FAST DHL/UPS shipping :)
  • The ISHA Apprentice Master Classes used by professionals in 156 countries
  • The best global support by professionals and worldwide forum
  • We have happy customers from 156 countries .... and more coming in :)
  • We do not sell supplements - We provide NLS based systems and info
My dear friend, Welcome to the ISHA global familyA magical journey on health, happiness, renewed energy and joy for all, starts now .....Please subscribe to our monthly ISHA newsletterTHANK YOU !

My dear friend,

Welcome to the ISHA global family

A magical journey on health, happiness, renewed energy and joy for all, starts now .....

Please subscribe to our monthly ISHA newsletter


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My dear friend,


All payments above 1.000 USD must be paid by BANK, WISE or CREDIT CARD.

We do not accept PayPal payments above 1.000 USD

(transfer costs are your costs, see agreement)


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