Introduction to ISHA

Q: Why are you different from other – better – best choice ?
We are the only party on this planet who do research and development and bring powerfull working *multi systems.
We have the most powerfull hard and most versital software, no one has…..
We have the special dongles by wich you do NOT have to buy 3 devices.

Our Biophilia Hunter supports ALL systems/software. So 1 device for ALL instead of 5 !
We are the only who developed The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box
We are the only who developed the powerfull ISHA Multi power zapper
We are the only who provide teachings no other have like The Apprentice Masters Classes

Many scientist and even professors joined our classes…..

We are the only who provide a real good forum on NLS

Q: Warranty ?

We provide at least 1 to 3 years full warranty on products.

Q: Are you a manufacturer ?
A: YES and NO, we are inventors, researchers,  developer,  teachers
and a global distributor. But we are very closely involved in our special
products lines, hardware and software. So we let all be produced and shipped on our terms.


Q: Shipping depart; from where do you ship ?
A: All our products are shipped directly to you from our manufacturers located in China.
This is to save time and cost for you. Tracking will be available

So who is ISHA  and why should you choose for us ?

First of all of course good products, good quality, warranties, support and honest prices …..
Security and trust. We test all products thoroughly before presenting them to you.
Why ? Because we want a long term relation with all our customers and we all know
a content and happy customers is more worth than 1000 marketing activities.

That can’t be said by every distributor and seller……. An example can be found here from Medicomat
who charges 4x up to 6x times up the prices of ISHA (for very inferior nls)
See proof here;

ISHA has many meanings,

ISHA stands for, International School of Healing Arts since 1988
In Hindu, Goddess of protection
In Hindi, it means “God of the north”.
In Hindostanic,  “someone who protects”
In Möslim, Last evening prayer
In Arabic, Have a long life ….

For us, ISHA stands for International School of Healing Arts.
We are in the market for already 30 years of healing arts like Reiki, Magnified healing, Quantum Healing,
Qigong, Tenaga Dalam, Ling Kong Jing, and many others. We educated many masters.
So we know what works on healing.

We owned our own technological and IT field companies so our tech experience
goes for 45 years, so yes, we really know tech.

We are also from origin of Chemical, Biological Labs so we know biochemicals of the body.
(we owned our own biochemical lab for years)

We know all about herbs worldwide, phyto, litho, and many others

We know all about the body up to the dna and rna.

We test all products very very thorough into every aspect and item so we know the products.
Some are even tested for years……

We have good relations and contacts for many years with the manufacturors and
helped them with the products and clients. When a problem arised, we solved it for
these companies.

We supported users, therapists, doctors, worldwide, by remote but also even on location for teaching and support.

So who knows better what products are good for you……

“And we have the goal for really helping people into health and healing”

Our support is one of the best, we really speak english……

Our prices are very good (including free shipping)

We offer more than others like masterclasses worldwide, support and question sessions

*All our offered products are shipped free from China to worldwide locations of cliënts.

You have FREE worldwide shipping

Ex. VAT and ex Customs ! (the vat and customs are depending on your country and you have to pay in your country)

We offer at least a full year factory warranty.

Extended waranties: we offer also, next second year, 3e year, 4e year warranties.
Yes we believe in our products.

These can be purchased in the shop (*see extended hardware warranties in shop)

Note: returning shipment costs are for your own.

We also have “one of a kind” forum on 3D, 8D, Hunter and other products, no other has !


So we think we really covered everything and are the best party for your interest.

We want YOU to be a happy customer, like many others

The law states to mention this disclaimer; Despite the many research and proof;

Disclaimer: Information contained on this site should not be construed as medical advice.
Product statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration and other governments worldwide.

  • Welcome to the ISHA Quantum Metaphysics of NLS webshop
  • All our products have (at least) a full guaranteed warranty of 1, 2 or 3 years !
  • All installation for 100% guaranteed working are included worldwide !
  • We are the inventors of The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box and more ...
  • Also please visit the forum
My dear friend, Welcome to the ISHA global familyA magical journey on health, happiness, renewed energy and joy for all, starts now .....Please subscribe to our monthly ISHA newsletterTHANK YOU !

My dear friend,

Welcome to the ISHA global family

A magical journey on health, happiness, renewed energy and joy for all, starts now .....

Please subscribe to our monthly ISHA newsletter


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