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Read this carefully please ….


And generate an extra income 🙂
As a reseller, a referrer or as a affiliate, your choice (read all please)


NO contracts, no signups, no personal data gathered.

*Note: the only rules are to become a reseller :
1). ” YOU must have studied The ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes Level 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
2). You have to own the ISHA NLS hard and software products
so you are\have experienced all before you can advise and apply for a resale fee…. logically

We want integer and honest referrals based on real self experiences, no sales fakes…..

Depending on your efforts, you will get more provision called a SALES LEAD FEE.
Starting at 5% but ….. depending on the case this can even be 20% depending on your efforts
Efforts can be : promotion, provide a customer, sell to customer, make invoice, install guidance.
* You can do this all yourself or let ISHA do all or a (or some) part (s).

(and that’s a high fee, since a certified HP\IBM etc reseller in IT \ ICT makes between 7-9% margin)

Even if you do not have a company……. YES  🙂

All people can order for friends and family…… and make money ! 

How ?

Simply create an account

Make your order.

Fill in your contact data in the NOTES area *plus your Paypal account so we can transfer YOUR fee.

And the final customer data on the left
And the delivery data \ details of the customer receiver on the right

Thats all !

The invoice will be 100% total in value $, and the fee is transferred to you.

We will arrange all, ordering, order confirmation, invoicing, delivery, tracking, support, everything.
So the customer, your friend will be 100% satified.

and YOU will receive a good % FEE on all orders …..  

Well thats a WOW

Have a wonderful time coming !

*ps no jokes, you can not use this to order with discount for yourself. We check and know it all.

So be integer, promote ISHA products and services, make orders, and make extra monthly money \ income.

RULES ? YES we do have rules based on integrity


1). you are not allowed to use the affiliate link for your own orders, logically, since that would be cheating and will be noticed.

2). you are not allowed to use the DISCOUNT code for ALL products. Ask per case for a discount code

3). you are not allowed to share the discount codes with others, it is based on you personally and your case(s)

4). if you need any help or more info, ask by the ticket support system on the webshop


———— and there is more ————–

You can also sign up to become an affiliate, it is optional. See below.

Want to make automatically money ? Like a FREE money machine ?

You can NOW also become an *Official AFFILIATE of ISHA and earn money by YOUR own personal link.

Hereby we offer to all, an affiliate link wich you can put on your website or share with cliënts, friends, family.

All of those who visit the webshop will be automatically identified and from all sales and fulture sales
YOU will receive a good 3 up to 5% of the sale. The money will be transferred 1 time a month to your Paypal account.

Every registered member of the forum and the webshop can become an official ISHA Affiliate !

Because we care and we share …..



This is the affiliates section of this store. If you are an existing affiliate, please
LOGIN to access your control panel.

*If you are not yet an affiliate, but wish to become one, you will need to apply.
To apply, you must be a registered user on this webshop.

If you have an existing account, please login https://nonlinearsystem.eu/affiliate-home/affiliate-login/

If not, please >register<

Yes you will be provided by a special affiliate dashboard by wich you will get;
1). all info and fees on all orders + tracking codes
2). a special link code so all current and future visits of your visitors at ISHA will be registered, so
from every sale in the future, for years, you will make money ! 🙂

Notice: please do NOT forget to fill in your PAYPAL payout email, on the middle of the affiliate registration page :!: :!:
So you register 2 times your email. The first for communications, the 2e for payout by Paypal (can be the same)

Any questions ?

Use the  TICKET SUPPORT on the top of the page for your questions

Have a wonderful time coming !


ISHA Quantum Metaphysics of NLS

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