Read this carefully please ….


And generate an extra income 🙂

No signups, NO contracts, nothing…….

Depending on your efforts, you will get a good provision called a SALES LEAD FEE.

As GOD instructed, we will share 10% with you. Yes this 10% lead-fee is for YOU…..

Even if you do not have a company……. YES  🙂

All people can order for friends and family…… and make money ! 

How ?

Simply create an account

Make your order.

Fill in your contact data in the NOTES area *plus your Paypal account so we can transfer your fee.

And the final customer on the left
And the delivery data \ details of the customer receiver on the right

Thats all !

The invoice will be 100% total in value $, and the fee is transferred to you.

We will arrange all, ordering, order confirmation, invoicing, delivery, tracking, support, everything.
So the customer, your friend will be 100% satified.

and YOU will receive 10% FEE on all orders ….. within 2 days !

Well thats a WOW

Have a wonderfull time coming !

*ps no jokes, you can not use this to order with discount for yourself. We check and know it all.

So be integer, promote ISHA products and services, make orders, and make extra monthly money \ income.







And you do NOT have to invest 1 $  ?????

*3 months for free so you can testdrive 🙂

A global self-working WEBSHOP + WEBSITE

With a focus on customers from your country but at the same time have customers all over the world in their language?


If you already have a business or NOT …. it does not matter ….

ALL can start and become an official reseller at ISHA (see below)

Want to know how and why ?

Just read below why YOU can become a


Even if you do NOT have an official business now …… 🙂

And you do NOT have to invest 1 $

In short, anyone can order for any other person on this planet at ISHA very easy.
Even if you want ISHA to do everything, invoicing, shipping, support.
All will be done for you, if you want.
And of course installation support
That customer\person pays the customs and tax since he/she is the importer.
It works that very simple ……:)


and Iron, Bronze, Silver


HOW ? Since we advertise all over the world …… BIG. So you will benefit too  (but also do it yourself)

We are becoming the biggest network from over 150 websites …. and all will benefit.

We also have a huge rate of organic free for you traffic 🙂  40% and growing 🙂

NOTE: registrations can be done again now. We have worked very hard, invested
9 months time and a lot of money, to make the most fantastic IGR webshops ever.

Note: we provide the basic ISHA webshop to start. But with auto-translation so the world becomes your customer !
All info. product categories, pricing, all is arranged to work so the order can come in your wallet! 🙂

*Extra options are future paid options since they cost money and a lot of time, maintenance, support, investments logically.
These extra options will be presented in the future and all who want the extra’s can sign up for these, later.

Register at this page to reserve your spot.


The first 45 Gold Resellers have registered and in total there are 150 country spots worldwide available.
(after these are filled in,  the registration will close since our system does not support more webshops)

So hurry, to be the FIRST and reserve your country spot !

Now all (becoming) NLS users, therapists, doctors, specialists, can start their own
very successful practice and have a super successful worldwide health business.

With fantastic margins on all !  (because we like to share).

Almost for FREE !

And we will do it all for you, forever, so you do not have to lift a finger !

By ISHA you will have true “MSI‘s” , super fantastic Multiple Sources of Income!

High quality hard and software, no other company has. Multi devices that support all …
Self-installable software, the most stable, most extended and error-free

And you will always have a specialist to back you up on your support.

The best competitive sales prices on the market !

What about CUSTOMS ?? 
We always provide an original ISHA order confirmation + *official ISHA invoice for up to 3 years warranty.

But to help people, we can help….. but it stays always the responsibility of the importer which is the receiver of the goods.

But again and to be noted, it works in 99,99% so the final responsibility is for you or your customer as worldwide arranged
between you and your government and customs, since he/she is the importer.

Ask how and be amazed by our solution 🙂


Excellent margins
on all products, NLS, hardware, software, formula’s, hours, contacts, classes, everything!
Extra high discounts for demonstration purposes on all NLS hard and software
(*see terms, after a minimum of 3 orders with a total value above 3500 $ *after registration as an IGR webshop owner)

Excellent worldwide support, no other company can deliver
Excellent worldwide guidance, no other company can deliver

A proven to work, successful “country” webshop, filled with “proven” to sell items. In YOUR country language ….
(and many other languages since the WORLD has become your business).

A strong network with ONE face. No competitor can beat you at our strong “proven to work” points.
A global NLS family forum with members from over 145 countries and more to come…..
A strong family who cares for your success.

The advantage of global joined marketing since we are all connected by ” pathways”, instead of separate domains …
Wich will make sure your customers are running in by Google Adwords and other sources.
Your webshop will be  or any bitly name you want, or integrated into your website.

Affiliate tracking links.
And if your customer visits first your webshop and then wants to order at the main ISHA webshop,
we will notice and redirect this buyer to your webshop.
And IF that customer still did buy at the main webshop (by error or on purpose)
YOU will receive the profits\margins.
(tracing is done for 1 month by our system, so if he/she comes back, we will know)
Because we believe in FAIR sharing.

Preferred webshop country links on the global ISHA NLS forum !
For more attention and exposure. Visitors from over 145 countries will see your link.

What status levels do we have ? What margins ?

*Normally in IT and ICT the margins are 8-10 % ….. and you have to invest 10.000,00 + on training
and education, licenses of manufacturers. And much more on equipment, software, office, etc etc…
Even a pizza shop pays yearly up to 20.000,00 on fees 🙁
But we like to share, so …. 🙂

At the ISHA family, it is almost for free !

*ISHA Affiliate: all affiliates get 5% by providing the link (see affiliate system), *monthly paid by Paypal.

IGR IRON reseller status:
You do NOT have an ISHA webshop, you sell, you order at ISHA main shop, provide your details and the client details,
We take care of all, invoicing, delivery, installation, after-sales service.
You will receive a high fantastic 10% margins on all sales by your *special IGR-I-Code.
And of course, you can make more by helping your client with NLS ….
(*the client will be registered at YOUR name so you always have the future fees)

IGR Bronze reseller status:
You do have an ISHA webshop, you sell, you order at ISHA main shop, provide your details and the client details,
We take care of all, invoicing, delivery, installation, after-sales service.
You will receive a high fantastic 15% margins on all sales by your special IGR-B-Code.
And of course you can make more by helping your client with NLS ….
(*the client will be registered at YOUR name so you always have the future fees)

IGR Silver reseller status:
You have a website and a ISHA webshop, do promotions, sell, order at ISHA main shop, provide your details and client details,
You do the installation and after-sales service (and can charge extra).
We, ISHA does the invoicing and delivery to your client (and inform you of all).
You will receive a higher 20% margins on all sales as a discount by a special IGR-S-Code.
(*the client will be registered at YOUR name so you always have the future fees)

IGR Gold reseller status:
You have a website and a ISHA webshop, do promotions, sell, order at ISHA main shop, provide your detail and client details,
You do the installation and after-sales service (and can charge extra’s).
You do the invoicing to your client
We, ISHA do the delivery to your client (with you as the seller, and inform you of all)
You will receive the highest 25% margins on all sales as a discount by a special IGR-G-Code.
(*the client will be registered at YOUR name so you always have the future fees)

Well this is connected to your reseller status margins. So if you have a 10% then you also get 10%
for all wich you want for yourself.
A gold reseller has 25%

BUT ! Be seriously.
In the first 3 months we do NOT provide a higher discount than 10% for stuff for your own!
Why ?  Because FIRST you need to sell to build up your points. Within the period of 3 months, we will have a look
and IF you sell at least every month and related to a certain amount. That will be the future agreement
on discounts for you or your customers. And also the status will be adjusted. Logically.

So IF you are NOT serious, do NOT register  as a ISHA reseller 🙂

(all other discount codes are frozen and all who did not sell in a month will be adjusted, logically)

NOTE: all resellers will start with a BASIC ISHA webshop. With the fantastic auto-translation in all languages included.
So extra’s like affiliate system, ticket support system,
analytics, upsell, project manager, and many more tools will be offered separately in the future.
The startup of your webshop must be easy and is already filled with the best.

HOW does it work ?
Customers (or you) make(s) an order at YOUR “ready-made and totally filled” webshop,
You receive the payments of your customers.
You simply order and pay at the ISHA “main webshop” and choose to deliver directly or not, to you or your customer.
We arrange all including worldwide shipping + tracking.

Notice: you or your customer pays the VAT+ Customs in the country of the *final receiver
*By international laws, the *final 
receiver, is the importer and  has to pay taxes \ vat \ customs import duties.

Installation ?
Depending on your IGR level, you make the installation appointment and provide installation + support to your customer.
(or not since our software is highly developed and install itself, as per instructions on the webshop)
Or you can choose too to have the installation + support done by the ISHA team, *for a little fee.
Or perhaps you want to be supported while you do the installation, so you learn, all is possible.

We will provide YOU with ALL for almost zero costs …. because we want YOU to become successful!

And you will.

Important notice: to become an official ISHA Gold reseller;
You must have practiced at least 6 months The Apprentice Masters Classes!
You must have an *official certificate ” The Apprentice Masters”
You can\do NOT promote or sell other brands if you want to become and stay a part of the ISHA IGR family
(if we notice you will be banned out and give your country webshop to another)
You use all the info, products and pricing of ISHA (we will provide a ready-made webshop with all)
(all prices on all 200 to become webshops, worldwide will be the SAME, no exceptions allowed)
The maintenance, product updates, and pricing is done continuously, by the ISHA team
You have a link to the ISHA forum on your website
You promote The FREE ISHA Cure
You provide the Paypal payment link for your ISHA webshop.

Normally 10.000 up to 15.000 + or more …. right 🙂  (we know since we have all the contact for 45 years).
Depending if you do all yourself, hosting, design, webshop, products, pricing, updates, etc etc
And normally you pay HIGH Franchise fees to the main franchise organisation !!

Franchise ?? Well, we do not charge franchise fees and give it all….
Your ISHA webshop is almost for free, forever !

YOU will get the ISHA webshop for FREE (no costs)
After 3 months, you pay a small monthly fee for maintenance of your ISHA Country webshop of only 75 $ IGR membership
(for webshop + website the total is 100,00 $ a month, but only after 3 months, and only if you agree)
(includes all updates, on products and pricing, support, guidance, tips, tools, IGR support ticket system (optional),

IGR GOLD LOGO, IGR Affiliate system (optional), IGR translation and links of landing pages,
(every customer will get his own language when they visit your webshop …. so the world is yours)
IGR instruction videos, IGR how to become successful, IGR marketing help, IGR emails,
IGR help, IGR special login, IGR Tools, IGR client protection registration
system, IGR rights, IGR download section, IGR special board,
And ……. many more by which we are working around the clock for months now ….. )

The startup fee is set to ONE TIME only 0 $ so all can become and have a successful ISHA webshop
And believe it is really a lot of work and high investments we did/do for YOU.

Starting instructions :
We will provide videos on how all works and some people know all already,
However, some need guidance and an instruction session.
We charge 50% of the normal hourly rate. For a 2 hour appointment, you only pay 150$
for the instructions session for and starting at 2 hours.
Extra hours of 75$ need will be billed\invoiced and need also to be paid if used.
Some people need more time than others, so all extra sessions need to be paid.

THINK, HOWEVER ! The webshop will work 100% by itself, but you need to know too.
Some only need up to 2 hours, some need more. That’s it, that’s honest.

Preferences? Extras?
The ISHA country webshop is set up as it is, with your country name in the ISHA IGR Gold logo, no special redesigns
(extra’s or extra tools, will be charged extra)

*See an example of The SERBIA webshop here


You must provide ISHA with your information;
*Your name, address
*A copy of your passport (recent)
*A copy of your Chambers of Commerce (recent) *optional, not needed to start
*Provide your TAX ID *optional not needed to start
*Provide your Paypal, PAYMENT link (so all payments go directly to you)
*Provide your website address or if you want us to do all, provide the name to register (only if you want a website too)

So if you are convinced and agree to all above, click here to register and soon you will be a successful ISHA global Reseller.

ADDITIONAL TERMS (besides our normal terms, conditions and medical disclaimer)
The ISHA Gold reseller (IGR) will behave like a good businessman/woman.
The ISHA IGR will act with integrity
The ISHA IGR will be very discrete with all information of ISHA and treat it as confidential info.
The ISHA IGR will receive extra high discounts on demonstration products of NLS hard and software, *only IF 
The ISHA IGR has already made 3 sales *after registration as a ISHA webshop owner (so not upfront\before).
Good margins will be provided. Extra’s are to be earned.

Only after 3 sales, the ISHA management can decide to provide these depending on circumstances or decide, not to do so.
The ISHA IGR will keep the ISHA IGR status as long as the IGR does sell at least 1 sale in a month.
Note: also the low priced zapper, the classes,  and all other low priced products count as a sale. So all can realize this.
The trial period to stay an ISHA IGR will be set to 6 months. In these six months, 6 sales have to be done, 1 sale a month.
If the IGR fails to do so, ISHA has the right to cancel the IGR membership.
The ISHA IGR has no exclusive rights for his\her country. The future sales can act as if for future negotiations of exclusivity.
The ISHA IGR / IBR / ISR is working independently, for him/her self as a business owner.
All taxes, vat, social fees, etc. are his/her responsibility of the reseller or affiliate.
The ISHA IGR / IBR / ISR will never do a filing, a lawsuit against ISHA, or for the court days ISHA or relatives.
ISHA will have total indemnity from his reseller and his/her customers, governmental, social or tax parties.

*By registering and paying the fee(s), you also agree on our terms as written here and in the separate mentioned below this line.

Terms and Conditions


Here you can register your business name, if you have
Your current email. Email addresses are provided to you by isha for sales + support (included)
*Only IF you already have your own website
Here you place your payment link so all payments are done to you from all orders of your webshop
Here you fill in your registration number from your Chambers of Commerce (if you have, not directly needed)
Every person has a privat VAT number. Also a Business does have a VAT number.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a copy of your passport here
Here you can add a message or a comment
We use this Paypal account to wich we can sent the invoice(s) and by wich your customers can pay YOU.

Have a wonderful time coming to be a part of The Most Successful Global ISHA Gold Resellers family.

p.s. The roll-out of the webshops is NOW

An ISHA webshop + an ISHA website?

This is optional with a BASIC website set up for only ZERO  0,00 $ 
and a monthly fee of only 25 $  (monthly billed). But the first 3 months are for FREE, no charge !

For; maintenance + hosting  + all to be operational.

Note: This will be a standard BASIC page set like this
Additional work (if needed) is done for only 50 $ an hour by a specialist.
You provide your domain name + data asked , like email, names, additional info.
For this you contact Dragan by the webshop ticket support system.

One family, One LOOK.

If you want a special theme ? We have 100’s of themes set up by our selected WordPress themes, by a specialist.
But then the costs will be higher, logically. For this ask a quote.

More questions?
Sent an email to 



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