Bioresonance training and classes worldwide

Bioresonance training and classes worldwide

So you want to become a true Bioresonance Master in healing?

To finally understand all principles?

Learn and know more than “so-called specialists” do, with 25 years of experience?
Even professors are students of the ISHA family. Yes, they also finally learned true NLS and healing.

In this section, we explain in short, why ISHA Quantum Metaphysics NLS
(International School of Healing Arts) does international support and masterclasses on the 3D NLS – 8D Vector and Lris
Hunter 4025 Metapathia, Biophilia classes (and other important devices).
Why we can do it far much better than the other companies.

For years we have been giving support to users, doctors, therapists, scientists, users, clinics worldwide.
Yes, we also traveled for one on one Masterclasses worldwide and we will keep doing this because of its fun :).

We have also done masterclasses by, many times and always with great results. No hidden secrets.

The companies \ manufacturers used many times our ISHA experience and knowledge to solve problems with customers
if they got stuck. So we learned a lot about the inner missing knowledge of these companies…… from which you will benefit 🙂

One thing is for sure. Chinese people of these companies do not fully understand the English language (no offense, there are exceptions).
Also, there is a fact they have many products and attention gets divided. Their goal is to sell not to support. Support costs money.

And this is what we’re gonna do. Provide the best support and doing Masterclasses by Teamviewer or on your location worldwide one on one !

Do you want a masterclass?
Order a bio-resonance masterclass in the product list in the webshop.

Or study in your own free time? As many times as you like with the International ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes videos
to become a master in healing and Bioresonance aka Non-Linear Systems.

The ISHA Apprentice Masters Level 1-2-3-4-5

The ISHA Apprentice Masters Level 6

The ISHA Apprentice Masters – The Biophilia training

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