Bioresonance Health Scans & Treatments – Non Linear Systems – World New Developments on Quantum and NLS

ISHA presents ….. the NLS Expert Pro for Dogs  

*Forever free support 24×7 by the global forum by our moderator team worldwide and
1-hour installation checkup included by the ISHA ticket support system, on all NLS systems.


(X3 is the old name, the new name is X2, software and systems are the same)

*Please watch here the presentation video

The market for DOGS health is a very BIG market. People spend more on their dog than on their self

With The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box you have the world of dogs owners, as your clients …… so wake up :D

*This device supports ALL……… NLS software like,

ISHA Biophilia DOGS X2 (newest)+ X3 (older) NLS Pro Expert
ISHA Biophilia X1 + X3 (older)
ISHA Metatron
ISHA Virus Expert Pro
ISHA DNA Expert Pro
ISHA Aura commandments Expert Pro
ISHA 3d-8
ISHA Lris 8D

And … the coming ISHA HORSE PRO Guardian !!! 🙂


WARNING: no other company has these powerful software features or it is fake.
They used the wrong testing subjects such as bone areas for aura ….. plain stupid and we warned them!
This also counts for Hunter Aura version, there is no such version and it is useless.
And does not comply by the worldwide ISHA Apprentice Masters teachings,

WARNING: no other company his these powerful *multi-device features.
Their device only supports 8d software and not the powerful ISHA Hunter Metatron for IN-DEPTH auto-scanning and treatments of the source of problems.

*SO do not cry when you did buy at the other company (we get many emails from people who cry and made the mistake
and now can not do what they did read at ISHA. Only ISHA sells ISHA products)

*Future planning support of:  ISHA Biophilia for COWS, ISHA Biophilia for HORSES …..

So the best investment ever :lol: :idea:

The device

The Bioconductor aka headset (for little dogs on belly, for big dogs on head)

The software

* warranty on device 3  years !  *warranty on headset dog is 1 year, if broken no warranty.

Note : all complete systems will have a high quality camera included !!