Bioresonance Health Scans & Treatments – Non Linear Systems

The newest most extended and powerful remedy software with 5000+ libraries with remedies and research / scan options for 100.000’s items to choose. From all kinds of research, healing area’s, a-brands, medical, labs, what ever you can think about !


The Ultimate Bioresonance software for owners of:
The newest and most powerful ISHA Diamond Meta 5000+ system
Owners of the ISHA Golden Biophilia Hunter 4025-83 system
Owners of the Biophilia Tracker xlr device (competitor) who want to upgrade to ISHA like all from 167 countries did / do and get the superb support of the global ISHA group.

With 5000 libraries aka etalons. With 3-5 Auto scan + treatment options. With 4D visuals. With basic aura functions. With 100.000’s of remedies from all kind of healing modalities.

A very good extension for your current famous Experts software packages like : ISHA Metatron Pro, ISHA Virus Expert Pro, ISHA DNA Expert Pro, ISHA Aura Commandments. Note: these Experts Software packages are a must have for professionals and used in over 167 countries by self controlled users, doctors, therapists, pshychologists, pshychiatrist, scientists, professors. Just read on the forum why these experts are so succesfull and others are not.

  • ISHA is the ONLY party

Who offers these special developed, ISHA META HUMAN PRO 5000+  Multi Dongle & Software pack
(others just try to imitate, even our data dir install structure, but all are inferior)

So YOU too can have the benefits of the Newest andmost extended and most powerful nls software, ever !

SO WHY YOU WILL CHOOSE FOR ISHA …… just like all did in 167 countries, now or later ….   Our honest advise, be wise, and do not spend your money twice …. 🙂

ISHA provides the nr 1  most advanced software  “ISHA META HUMAN PRO 5000 + BIORESONANCE NLS” software
The only with “activated”   5000+ etalons and 100.000’s remedies !!

ISHA provides the most powerful and extended *muti software supported nls system hardware system, future guaranteed to work with all software.

This newest most powerful NLS device supports ALL……… NLS software like:
1). Newest ISHA Meta Human Pro 5000+ Bioresonance software with 5000 activated libraries and 100.000’s of remedies, save remedy + auto scans & treatments

(*But realize, if you really want to be as succefull as The ISHA Apprentice Masters and Professionals of all origins, from 167 countries, users, starters, therapists of 100’s origins, healers, doctors, internists, pshychologists, pshchiatrists, scientists, professors, internists, etc,  you really need also ISHA Metatron, Virus, Aura, DNA. YES, you can start with ISHA Meta Human Pro 5000+, and buy later these packages, later or now, this is your choice or depending on your free to spend budget)

2). The must have for professionals to be really huge succesful(no other company has these packages and done 10.0000’s hours of research and developements the past 35 years).

ISHA Metatron Pro, for indepth auto find sources of the problem/dis ease with the I3 function and microscopic treatments as teached in the ISHA Classes. As you can see and hear in the globals ISHA classes, a doctor from Serbia confessed. It is the most powerful and stable version on the market. All professionals do agree, IT IS the most powerfull version ever created, period !) Why, well, because of many reasons. For expample: instead of doing 50-100 times to get results on the nidis. With this ISHA Metatron, you will get the same results in 3-5 times treatments (it is life recorded, so you can see for yourself). No errors and the most extended libraries aka etalons from many healing modalities and remedy origins.

ISHA Virus Expert Pro, with  special in 1 minut to select, GROUP 24, with the “all the important dis ease” making bugs, (parasites, worms, helminths, viruses, fungi, bacteria etc) instead of searching for months/years …. and not knowing. And being frustrated. Not having the real succes with your health, your family, your clients (worldwide) like the ISHA family group in 167 countries. And you get 100 times more etalons (instead of 15) of many healing modalities and A-brand remedies, while others have only 15+ ? 20 ?

ISHA DNA Expert Pro, with over 450 pairs of DNA + RNA + Chomosones, to easy select in 1 minut. While others only have 35+ pairs and we provide 100’s of etalons of many healing modalities and A-brand remedies, while others have only 35+ perhaps 50 ?

ISHA AURA Command Expert Pro Physio
, with the special Physiotherapy etalon, with Universal Rehabilitation wich costs in Bulgaria alone approx 3500 $. And we provide 100’s for a very nice low, even only a part of this price. So much much more and pay less. Also for Genetic disorders, Traumas, Curses, and many many more ….. just watch the free videos on google and on the forum.

Here is the ISHA Metatron Hunter GR Pro manual for you to download and know it all before your buy


And here you can read or download for free the special ISHA 8-DVA User Training Manual 2023
So you can read and know it all before you even buy



And here is the manuals which you can read online or download consistng 189 page ….. 🙂  Have fun !


We even provide in The ISHA Class Level 6, special videos and a special document with all proven to work Aura commandments (tested worldwide for 35 years).


VALUE FOR MONEY or choose a competitor who only provides a 5% of all ISHA does deliver 🙂

WARNING: no other company has these powerful software features.
And does / do not comply by the worldwide ISHA Apprentice Masters teachings and protocolls.

WARNING: no other company has these “future secured” powerful *multi-device features. Their device only supports 8d software and not the powerful ISHA Hunter Metatron for IN-DEPTH auto-scanning and treatments of the source of problems. And most important …. THEY DO NOT HAVE THESE SOFTWARE PACKAGES (however some are trying to make fake sales statements based nothing working).

*SO do not cry when you did buy at the other company (we get many emails from people who cry and made the mistake and now can not do what they did read, watch, experienced at the ISHA videos and classes and answers/remarks of the members of the forum from 167 countries. Only ISHA sells ISHA products (and 100’s of official ISHA distributors) , and then …. they did buy again, but now at ISHA, so a waiste of money, time and frustrations. So you are warned 

*Future planning support of:  ISHA  for COWS, BIRDS, FISH….. yes these are coming too and also supported by this system.

So the best investment ever  ! And the best value for money ! Always since out goal is to help YOU and all people around the world to have a 2e chance ….. not greed !

ISHA provides you with the extra best;

Forever free support 24×7 by the global support forum  or  by our dedicated professional moderators team worldwide.

ISHA provides clear instructions on ” how to install the software“, so even a child can do. And all important tips for your pc and windows. ISHA provides a 1 up to 2 hours remote installation checkup , for FREE, included (3 months but in total 2 hours). And support by the ISHA ticket support system, on all NLS systems.

ISHA provides 3 years of International warranty & fast NO costs worldwide replacements !  No other nls company does this …….. for YOU.

Or …. do you want to pay many times more for an inferior system wich only has 5% of our options, power, support, warranty ? OK …. lets show something of competitors.

Look here at Physiospect !
They charge for ;
A simple (old) 3D system  11.000,00 euro’s  and only has 10% of our software, and they do not have, virus expert, dna expert, aura commandments otherwise it would 4 times 11.000,- A simple Metapathia alike for 13.000,00 euro’s (and has NOT the  powers of our Metatron) and yes, they call it physiospect 23.
They do NOT have the ISHA Meta Human 5000+ otherwise their price would be …… 15.000,00 to 18.000,00 euro’s.  Why ? They do not care about people, they only care about money !

Q: How about god quality support by good english speaking professionals ? Is it included ?
A: YES ! YES ! YES !
Our global support is really the best on this planet, no doubt about it ! And available for our customers in 167 countries worldwide.

You want proof ?
Many REAL testimonials from all over the world, can be read on the forum with members & custoemrs from 167 countries here, so you know.

Clear proven to work for all instructions since many years
We provide you with the best very clear and understandable detailed pre-instructions, so you system is up and running in no time

What you see is what you buy guarantee
We provide you all information in detail so you know and have a; what you see is what you buy guarantee (see The Apprentice Masters Classes + free videos on forum)

Free international forum support access 
We provide you with free access to the global forum from 167 countries, so you (will) know it all and always have the best support.

We provide high quality installation videos by a professional so even a child can install very simple.
Our software is the most advanced, most stable, error free and fully self auto installable in c:\data\isha (you can also choos to install on your D: drive, even better

Backups and clear structure
All software, installations, records of scans, treatments are in 1 place for easy backups.
So everything is in 1 place !

We even do a FREE installation checkup (1 hour included in price) so a guaranteed 100% working
During the free remote installation checkup, we check all is fine but even make a restore point from your pc so in case of a pc error, you will be up and running in 1 minute by just a few clicks.

Restore drive
We advise you to also make a recovery drive with windows on a 128 Gb usb stick so when your pc is stolen of crashed totally, you will have a running system in a few hours.

FREE videos of activating the 100’s of extra etalons / libraries
And we provide you with a video on activating the extra 100’s of etalons and 1000’s pf remedies …. A child can do it.

After installation support for 3 months
We do after installation support on your NLS system (not pc) for 3 months for free !!

Masters classes
We provide worldwide The Apprentice Masters Classes
We do Masters Classes One on One

Real 24K gold Certifications
Real 24K gold Certifications, honored by all professionals to make the difference !  (not fake sales certificates). Your customers want guarantees, otherwise you are playing with lives.

ISHA will be your personal trusted guide for many years to come