Bioresonance Health Scans & Treatments – Non Linear Systems

ISHA is the ONLY party

Who offers these special developed, Biophilia X1 Multi Dongle & Software pack
(others just try to imitate, even our data dir install structure, but all are inferior)

*Only for current owners of a ISHA  * Limited edition “Biophilia Golden Multi Hunter”.

So YOU too can have the benefits of the Newest Biophilia X1 4d 5000+

Look here at Physiospect !
They charge for ;
A simple 8D 11.000,00 euro’s  (and only has 10% of our software, and they do not have, virus expert, dna expert, aura commandments otherwise it would 4 times 11.000,-)
A simple Metapathia 13.000,00 euro’s (and has NOT the  powers of our Metatron) and yes, they call it physiospect 23.
They do NOT have Biophilia otherwise their price would be …… 15.000,00 to 18.000,00 euro’s. *They do not care about people, they only care about money ! 

Q: How about support ? Is it included ?
A: YES !
Our support is really the best on this planet, no doubt about it !

Many REAL testimonials from all over the world, can be read on the forum (142 countries) here, so you know.
You can even contact all these people by the forum (when you have done 3 posts)

We provide you with pre-instructions with free tools, so you system is up to date and functioning.
We provide you all information in detail so you know what you buy (see The Apprentice Masters Classes)
We provide you with free access to the global forum so you know it all

We provide high quality installation videos by a professional so even a child can install very simple.
Our software is the most advanced, most stable, error free and fully self installable in c:\data\isha
All software, installations, records of scans, treatments are in 1 place for easy backups.
So everything is in 1 place !

And we provide you with a video on activating the extra 100’s of etalons and 1000’s pf remedies …. A child can do it.

We even do a FREE installation checkup (1 hour included in price) so a guaranteed 100% working

We do after installation support on your NLS system (not pc) for 3 months for free !!
We provide worldwide The Apprentice Masters Classes
We do Masters Classes One on One
We do certifications
We will guide you for many years.