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ISHA Hunter METATRON Pro(praised, loved and honored by many therapists and users worldwide)

NOW the SSCH, Maikong, Phoenix brands owners of inferior software with many errors  and missing buttons (entrophy analysis)
and non updating screen after doing treatments ….. wich is very frustrating …. can upgrade their systems to the ISHA level !

These Hunter owners can also have the BIG advantages of the NEWEST, Stable and far much more Powerfull ISHA software
with our *Special ISHA-Dongles and software.

A lot of happy customers, therapists, doctors, specialists,  all over the world, already did experience themselves the big differences and the power and stability.

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ISHA HAS THE NEWEST POWERFULL  and error free hard +software.

THE ONLY  Multi device wich supports it ALL also; *no more additional investments in extra nls systems !
3D plus8D Lris Pro Expert, 8D Virus Expert, 8D DNA Expert, 8D Aura Commandments,
Hunter Metapathia, The most powerfull !

*Prices INCLUDING worldwide free shipping.
Or do YOU want to PAY up to 3 – 5 times MORE for an OLD model with much less software, support, services ?.

Look here at Physiospect !
They charge for ;
A simple 8D 11.000,00 euro’s  (and only has 10% of our software, and they do not have, virus expert, dna expert, aura commandments otherwise it would 4 times 11.000,-)
A simple Metapathia 13.000,00 euro’s (and has NOT the  powers of our Metatron) and yes, they call it physiospect 23.
They do NOT have Biophilia otherwise their price would be …… 15.000,00 euro’s

Or an OLD Hunter system + OLD software > wich ONLY works with Metapathia for 5.000,00 $ at Medicomat ?

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Or go in USA here 
And pay 9800,00 $ for a “basic”  low power Hunter. No Installation, no quality support, no quality software  !

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And pay 2.5 times more for a “basic lower power device” ……  5000 British Pounds wich is 6.600 $ !!

Our *Special Multi Hunter starts at only 2.275 $ and all our Hunter devices are far much advanced, the best on the market !

And the BEST support by real educated and trained NLS specialists on this planet !

With future securement of your investment.

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And a global FREE forum with members as medical doctors, therapists of all origin, scientists, professors, who share knowledge.

*We are the only who offer the most complete and newest software and devices wich do work also with the 3D + ALL 8D software,
and Hunter Meta, AND Biophilia X1, so you do not have to buy 4 devices.
And our most advanced Pack has the newest and much much more software.
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