Here you can book your Consultancy hour(s) and intensive training by MetaGrandMaster himself.

Any help you may need with usage of your NLS system
or your HEALTH or your client’s health issues and/or related to the usage of your NLS systems

And free advice, insights, based on 45 years of research, testing, experiences, from all kind of healing modalities ….. included.

*Realise, we do not do the treatments, YOU do, we only advise. We help you understand the data and how to do.

MGM is booked fully for remote healing sessions till the end of  January 2020.
MGM accepts new bookings from within February 2020

One on One session are available from within February 2020 by FIFO

Note: provide all info otherwise do not book an appointment

You must provide all information;

1). Name, birthdate, place, bloodgroup, type +/- , photo (good quality)
2). History of complaints
3). What’s done up till this date, what drugs, what therapies, by what doctors, hospitals, others !!
4). What do you want to be treated ? *Realise, we do not do the treatments, YOU do, we only advise.
(we can not do 10’s of complaints at the same time, logically, since that would costs many hours)
5). What results do you expect ? What is your GOAL ?

*For medical doctors, therapists, specialists,  scientists, users, all can book here for consultancy or help 🙂

*Important notice !!

If you have discount codes, these are only for products !
On the  ONe on ONe classes with mgm Wim, are NO discounts allowed,.
The discount coupons are only for products …..
The hours in these offers, are already highly discounted …. 🙂

Notice 2: if you already had  a 1 or more great 1 one 1 sessions with MetaGrandMaster, we would like you to
write a decent testimonial in the testimonial section
BEFORE you do ask again for 1 on 1 classes/teachings/help by Metagrandmaster…… 🙂

You can write your testimonial in the forum here:

p.s. based on the exchange of energies, logically a selection will be made.

We are healers, inventors,  technicians and scientists
The information is provided for educational, experimental, investigational, and research purposes only.
Information contained on this pages should not be construed as medical advice.
* The international laws states to mention: we are not a licensed doctor. we help in healing yourself by the power of your own healing capabilities and GOD.
* If you need any medical advise seek help with your doctor or medical specialist. Your health is your own responsability.
* Always stay under controll \ checks by your medical doctor and\or hospital so you have all info.
* Success is NOT guaranteed. we will do my very best and more but Karma can be involved or other external and internal matters
* Refunds are not permitted as i work many more hours than charged and far below normal rates\wages.
* Reservations can not be changed as preperations need time and other clients can not be helped by cancelations.