For years i have been telling and writing ; Do these 3 and you will wake up with more energy than ever before !


Earthing, touted by self-proclaimed wellness experts as the  “most important health discovery ever“

One of the most important things to do to get true healing is to use a earthing pillow and or mat. And to walk BAREFOOT on soil or stones !

If you do NOT it will really INTERFERE \ HOLD BACK your treatments, ALL your treatments. So one day you work on your nidis
with your NLS to get them up and the next day you see them going down again ….. Very frustrating, right ?  *So now you know why !

BUT …. do NOT connect to the wall electra grounding !! That is the most biggest made mistake …

*Since the + and – wires
transmit HIGH DOSIS OF BAD SICK making frequencies around the earthing pole ……
The normal earthing pole also transmits these …. very BAD sick making frequencies !!

You can measure it with the device teached in The Apprentice Masters Classes Level 1 and see it in the nidis\nidus
of your 3D, 8D, Hunter or Biophilia NLS system !

*Connect it with a metal clamp to the metal heating and/or copper water pipes.

And use a seperate grounding wire (if it needs a longer wire)

Read more about why on the forum  or read here about HOW and WHY ….

p.s. if you do NOT have metal heating or water pipes ?
* SMASH a copper pipe 50 cm (diameter 3 cm) in the ground,
drill a hole in the top, connect the wire in the hole and the other end to your sleeping earthing mat or pillow or wristband, or all.

B). According to the thousands years old emerald tablets of Toth.  Sleep with your head towards NORTH 

C). Do *inclined bed therapy ! Read all about it here