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The official ISHA classes need to be ordered by the ISHA webshop, you will receive an official invoice from ISHA.


If you are contacted by a person ALWAYS ask for proof by communication of the official ISHA email

and ONLY do ordering by the official ISHA webshop

* All ISHA Classes are LIFE recorded and in UK aka English language. Do not order if you do not understand English.
NO refunds after ordering and receivement of classes !

IMPORTANT NOTICE : These classes are for YOUR personal usage. You may watch them for years to learn. Do NOT
share with others. We marked all videos with a code, so we will know.

Certificates are only for customers who did buy officially the classes, logically 🙂

We all know the start is the most difficult? Right? Nope, Wrong   🙂
Not anymore. Even for professionals with 25 years of experience in Quantum healing and NLS,
THESE classes will be groundbreaking!

There is NO place where these secrets will be teached …. 16 + hours of REAL high science degree teachings and secrets !
To watch as many times, as you want, forever ! You will learn and know more than any specialist did in over 10 years ….. 🙂
And learn the real working protocols for new insights of real body working and healing.
YES, this is not only about NLS, its about all you need to know to make a change !

In short: to be succesfull, like our professional members in over 169 countries worldwide ….
(*you can check the number of countries in the forum index page, you will see 169 countries and the members) 🙂

Our ISHA students are : you, members, starters, healers of all kind, therapists of many origins, doctors of all kind, internists, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists,
professors in many countries.

you need….

1). The FREE ISHA cure (see main menu in forum)
2). The ISHA Protocolls (see free isha cure)
3). The ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes Level 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
4). You need the combination of the most powerful and extended software ever in 30 years :
ISHA Hunter Metatron + ISHA Virus Expert Pro + ISHA DNA Expert Pro + ISHA Aura Commandments Expert Pro Physio.

The value is as said by experts 10 to 20 times ….. the price asked. But we want it to be available for all despite their income!
IF you want to know it ALL about NLS but certainly about  REAL FAST REAL healing, you certainly need
The Apprentice Masters Classes  so you can watch many times and learn like other users, therapists, doctors,
scientists and even professors worldwide from 152 countries. You will learn more then others did in 10 years, even specialists.

Please see here an example what to expect

Now let the magical journey of knowledge and healing begin……

IMPORTANT: when you order, order at YOUR registered name, at least register your name at ” Delivery address”
The classes and certificate will be registered at the name YOU filled in on the order. If not, NO certificate.

You can not order a driver’s license on 2 names, right ?
Or do you allow other people to be in your practice by another name \ person ?
Do you share the 2e person and treat \ help them for free ? Nope, you do not.

So that’s also with the ISHA classes and certification, logically.
The name registered and paid for, is the name with your rights for the certification