Codes are:
IGST- SUPPORT : and you get support by ISHA Global Support Team
MGM- SUPPORT : and you get support by the metagrandmaster.

Here at ISHA you will get the BEST High Quality support for your NLS & Bioresonance systems.

We are absolutely THE SPECIALISTS who knows it all. Also for checkups and corrections on NLS Bioresonance and more….

You can choose between support of the ISHA Support Team

Or have the support by MGM, metagrandmaster (temporary not available)

There is a price difference so all can buy good quality ” english spoken” support

For ISHA customers:
The first 3 months all superb FREE of charge support by;

1). The ticket support system
2) Email
3a) Remote checkup for 1 pc /  login support
3b) + your personal video created and sent after the session !
4) Generating new (extra) KEY‘s for your 2e or 3e pc is totally FREE of charge

*After 3 months we really do have to charge a fee since good quality support for 172 countries, does cost a lot and we like to share 🙂

1). Older ISHA Biophilia X1 , X2, X3
2). Newest ISHA Meta Human Pro 5000+
3). Dogs, Cats, Horses

The first 3 months all is included for free. All software and key’s for all your pc’s. Yes you are allowed to install on multiple pc’s
Note: we do only for free 1 remote checkup on 1 pc. If you want more pc’s to be checked and corrected, order the extra support hours.

After 3 months, we do need to charge since normally in 99.99 % of the cases the KEY will work for many years to come.
Most ISHA customers already do work many many years without any problem ever.

Yes also the soft and hardware are of very high quality and defects are almost zero all these years 0.001 %
You can ask on the forum with members from 172 countries if anyone ever had a hardware error to confirm 🙂
This is why we provide 3 years full international no nonsense warranty on the ISHA NLS Bioresonance hardware.

But sometimes the pc crashes or is to old and replaced by the customer. Well that does cost time to generate the KEY
and provide the ticket support. The fee for generating a new key + ticket support will cost 175 $ usa
You can order button below

Note: this is NOT included remote support. If remote support is needed  you can order below and make an appointment
If you need more than 2 hours (pc errors, new pc, updates windows, etc) you need to buy the EXTRA hours below

Have a wonderful time coming !