If you do not have the money for the gold certificate, you can order a certificate by PDF
It will be sent to you by email, you can print it yourself.

Just sent your real name and email adress.

Note: you have to do the levels 1-2-3-4-5 otherwise NO certificate will be provided.
Note 2: there is NO isha pin , is not included, logically.



IMPORTANT: when you order, order at YOUR registered name, at least register your name at ” Delivery address”
The classes and certificate will be registered at the name YOU filled in on the order. If not, NO certificate.

Certificates will NOT be registered on a company name but always on a 1 persons private name, who did buy the ISHA classes and studied the classes,
and who has been active on the forum for at least 3 months.

You can not order a driver’s license on 2 names, right ?
Or do you allow other people to be in your practice by another name \ person ?
Do you share the 2e person and treat \ help them for free ? Nope, you do not.

So that’s also with the ISHA classes and certification, logically.
The name registered and paid for, is the name with your personal rights for the certification

This also counts for teachings done by our educated ISHA teachers.
Remote teaching from free independant ISHA teachers will not provide you the rights to order a ISHA Certificate.
Before ordering the ISHA 24k Gold Certificate or pdf, be sure you did buy the ISHA classes.
After that you can order the ISHA certificate.

The independent teacher  is 100% free and does not have to pay a single penny towards ISHA.
So a cost (profit) benefit for you or your organisation and also for the independant teacher.
Also, we can not control the quality of the teached (remote) sessions
The ISHA classes need to be used for many years to come. Every time the person will learn more.
That is a significant fact as all do know for many years in 172 countries.

Note: if the independant teacher did promise a ISHA certificate, you or he has to pay for it towards ISHA.
Thats your(s) choice.


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