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ISHA The Apprentice Masters Classes Level 6 + free scripts + free docs

You will receive : 4 videos + 4 scripts + docs.

Note : a good videoplayer is free to download at









LEVEL 6 – Lets Do Miracles

Automation of your (ISHA) Hunter Metatron, Virus Expert Pro, DNA Expert Pro, Aura Commandments Pro Physio, Universal Rehabilitation.

Why this level 6 about automation of NLS ?

First reason:
A lot of people asked for it “many times'”, since they can not afford to pay 250 or more
for a script or reserve 2 or more hours since they have a low income.

And we want all to become succesfull and do wonders…..
If people had to buy 4 of these scripts it would cost +/- 950 $ at ISHA normally in 2 sessions
Or up to 1500 $ at Seis.
And a lot of people do not have that money because their monthly income is too low…..

2e reason: because these scripts are 100% in line,
according to the ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes teachings

3e reason: Because those who use these scripts are far more
then others who do not use.

Example: if you want success, you need to DEPOWER all bugs
24×7 for at least a day. Sometimes 2-3 days ….. to get all nidis
of the bugs to nr 5-6 …. So they produce less neurotoxins.
Neurotoxins solve the isulation layer of the nerve endings ….
That’s one reason why the body does not function.
Of course the 2e main reason is the failing of the biocommunication system by the lackage
of elements as teached in the FREE ISHA cure etc. But that’s already presented in the AMC levels 1-2-3-4-5. J

Next: we originally wanted to provide only 3 scripts, Meta, Virus and Aura. But since soo many people were asking, we decided to also add the Physiotherapy > Universal Rehabilitation < because it is so powerfull. It is your connection with the universe. What you want
can happen very quickly if this is re-established.

We also will show you how you can fast select within 1 minut all bugs, and a little secret to select within 1 second all ….:)
So no more searching for weeks, months or years ….

Normal ISHA procedure to be succesfull ?
Many of you already do know the procedures. For those who
don’t or did forget, it is as following:
1e, do a auto scan with Hunter Meta
2e, “ and most important”  do depowering with virus 24×7
till all bugs are nr 5 or 6 in the nidus and in the css above 1.000
3e, do empowering with DNA Expert 24×7 till all above 1.000
4e, do Universal rehabilitation 24×7 till up above css 1.000
Last for difficult so called unexplained disease wich do not
change during many years of hospital visits or happened  suddenly
Use the powerfull Aura Commandments

Now lets start doing miracles! J

First step:
Download the Murgee auto mouse program at      and save it in c:\data   and then install and run the program.

Or ….use the direct download link for installation:

a). install the programm
b). run the program
c). see videos creating all automation scripts for 24×7 automation of your nls.


1). Creation of script for Hunter Metapathia \ ISHA Metatron as automated 24×7 for indepth treatments at the level of the RNA of the mitochondria and go backwards.

2). Creation of script for ISHA Virus Expert Pro with *special group 24, as automated 24×7 for DEPOWERING all main important viruses, parasites, worms, fungi etc.

3). Creation of script for ISHA DNA Expert Pro with *special 400 pairs and subpairs of DNA + RNA + CHROMO + over 500 body items, as automated 24×7 for indepth treatments

4). Creation of script for ISHA Aura Commandments Pro Expert, Physiotherapy, Universal Rehabilitation, as automated 24×7 for auto treatments.

Extra: All automation scripts for lazy or smart people J
*included, you only need to change the X and Y position of lines in script.
Why ? Because all users have a different screen resolution …

The scripts will be included in your order at no extra costs
And also the doc will be included.

How to make the simple changes ? See the video for lazy (or smart) people

Extra teaching videos ?
Go here for all videos on the Murgee auto mouse
Murgee manuals and videos, all information

Costs of Murgee Auto Mouse ?
The costs are only 8$ for life. So a 1 time payment to Murgee

Register Auto Mouse Click

At the end of trial period of the Auto Mouse Click Software utility,

A pop up window will appear asking you whether you wish to register the software utility ?

Click on Yes and follow on screen prompts


Thank you for watching the ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes Level 6 video.

And make miracles J

p.s. Level 7 will be a huge game changer too for all ….. so keep watching the forum J



ISHA videos free, see here

End of doc.


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