*PROMO 2 WEEKS – not 4500 $ but the special price of 3850 $ (usa)

Bioresonance Health Scans & Treatments – Non Linear Systems

The most advanced *multi NLS system – the only one !

NEW WORLD NEWS – EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS WITH the newest ISHA NLS and software system for DOGS

ISHA BIOPHILIA 8D NLS *** DOGS *** PRO EXPERT X2 (newest version)

  • Available in many languages (ask)

This system also supports all other 8D versions of ISHA like;
ISHA Virus Expert Pro, DNA Expert Pro, Aura Commandments Expert Pro Physio (*NOT=NOT included)
ISHA BIOPHILIA X1 (not included)

*DOG sensors included
*Camera included
*DOG NLS software included X2 (newest)
*Cables included
*Device included
*Travel case included

So it is a multi nls system so all future investments are secured. You can do it all.
So you only have to buy the *ISHA extra software + dongles if you want to treat people (see webshop for all software)

*NOW AVAILABLE for 160 countries

*Including FAST worldwide shipping and tracking by DHL/USPS , included in price !!!
(not your country customs and vat, you are the importer, you must pay, but we will help with shipping invoice)

The Bioconductor with double bio sensors. For big dogs on head, for little dogs on belly.



15 etalons aka libraries to choose from (more to come in the future updates)


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