ISHA DIAMOND META 5000 – THE BEST BIORESONANCE NLS MACHINE – * Only the NLS *Multi Hardware Kit Meta 5000 – ISHA DIAMOND META 5000+ – THE ULTIMATE FUTURE SECURED NLS SYSTEM – The most powerfull NLS Device ever !


  • EUR: € 1,829.10
  • GBP: £ 1,586.15
  • AUD: 3,039.19 $
  • CAD: 2,627.82 $
  • PLN: 8,435.11 zł
  • ZAR: 36,950.75 R
  • MYR: RM9,143.55
  • CNY: ¥14,230.13
  • RON: 9,091.68 lei
  • BRL: 9,614.28 $


ISHA DIAMOND META 5000 BIORESONANCE NLS – * Only the NLS *Multi Hardware Kit Meta 5000+
(NO Software + Key Dongle – NO Horse, Dog, Cats Biosensors headset)



First of all ……… you will get the most powerfull NLS Device ever !!  For 50 years to come !!!

  • Included are:
  • a high quality metal transport case
  • the newest and famous *Multi ISHA nls device : ISHA Diamond Meta 5000+ wich supports ALL ISHA software, so future secured !
  • 3 years international NO COSTS and …. high speed DHL exchange warranty in case of a failure (ours is 99.99% NO failure because of high testing standards) ( *you can ask anyone on the forum in 167 countries …. NO person ever had a bad experience and our systems work for even 10 years to come ! Many already do work for 7 years with ISHA and never a problem. So JOIN the ISHA family and …. quality of hardware, software, support ) 🙂
  • USB cable
  • Headset for humans included ! ( yes you will discover soon the powers and then you will scan and treat your family too with the ISHA software expandables)
  • The high quality remedy cup  (we advise the ISHA QMBB too for global scans and treatments)
  • Self installation software in directed directory c:\dataishahorse_pro.   So no more searching and frustrations, where your files are ….. (not included)
  • Self correcting software in case of a pc failure :). So NO frustrations. Just a click and all is working !
  • The very best installation instructions, in good english, no other company has.
  • So every person, also beginners can install the ISHA software by ONE click 🙂   No need of so called pc specialists 🙂 (here not included)
  • 24×7 support by the global forum (167 countries) https://3d-8d-hunter.com/
  • Superb fast TICKET  support by the webshop, same day responses https://nonlinearsystem.eu/support/
  • A one hour installation checkup remotely included
  • * Tax reduction info
  • Expandable with ALL famous and highly honored in 167 countries ISHA software packages ! So future secured !
  • The best investment ….. ever !
  • A global group of 167 countries of Qualified ISHA Teachers can support you in a private session. ISHA does not charge. It is you and the specialist, IF needed.
  • A highly Honored ISHA 24K GOLD Certificate, can be yours. IF you study and practice at least 6 months The ISHA Classes.
    NOT fake sales certificates. Our goal is to help all humans and beloved animals in a real educated world for succes !


*Important message: * We always say … before you buy, always watch the free videos on the forum and most important … watch (and later study). The ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes. You will use them 100’s of times, and every time YOU will learn more and more. No matter what your education or starting point is ….. a beginner, a therapist, a pshychologist, a scientist, a professor, a doctor, ALL WILL learn even if they did 25 years of NLS and Bioresonance !

Be sure you have studied the ISHA Apprentice masters classes level 1-2-3-4-5-6 since the principles for animals are the same ! Or at least study the ISHA Class ” Biophilia X1″

A manual and knowledge of Bioresonance is not enough, you will need the secrets of the ISHA Classes to be really succesful !
So be warned 🙂

If you want to see more videos and how all works, how to use, how to be succesfully, go to the forum since there are professionals and members from 167 countries. atwww.ishaforum.com www.ishaforum.com or    https://3d-8d-hunter.com/

And on top of the forum is a special video section. https://3d-8d-hunter.com/app.php/video

So you have seen it all before you even buy and know exactly what you will buy 🙂

AND ….

*Forever free support 24×7 by the global forum by our moderator team worldwide and 1-hour installation checkup + free support, included by the ISHA ticket support system, on all ISHA NLS software (and systems).

(not on cables, headphones etc) *So NO costs for UPS/TNT if we sent a new device. Of course the costs of your sending is yours.

The market for Bioresonance health is a very BIG market. People spend more money and time on their health.

With The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box you have the world of all, as your clients …… so wake up :D

WARNING: no other company has these powerful stable extended hardware features.
And does not comply by the worldwide ISHA Apprentice Masters teachings,

*SO do not cry when you did buy at the other company (we get many emails from people who cry and made the mistake by a previous cheaper buy …. 🙂 and now can not do what they did read at ISHA. Only ISHA sells ISHA products)

*Future planning support of:  ISHA  for COWS, BIRDS, FISH…..   So the best investment ever :lol: :idea:



( software, key dongle and horse headset biosensors need to be ordered seperately, so are NOT included)




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