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A world premiere !!

Developed by ISHA will be available soon.

Many people asked “how do i check if my device and treatments are working\real?”
How can i check my Remedy cup is really working ?

The answer is of course, you can see it in the ndis and the many data …..
But some people need to feel it too and thats why we developed the testkit.
A testkit with wich you can actually FEEL the frequencies …… like morse codes (and some spikes).

For testing;
One earclip will be attached to the earlobe with contact gel
One earclip will be attached on one inner lip.

For contact treatments;
Another real premiere is …. you can use it for real contact scans and treatments !!!
Contact treatment on the DIRECT problem area(s) for bigger results.
One sticky pad left from the area, one sticky pad right from the problem area

Making real remedies; (besides the cup)
And for imprinting real remedies in water, the sticky pads on the glass, left\right.
or the earclips in the water on the edge of the water, touching the water.
This will be available soon on this webshop.


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