High Quality Blood Laser Watch *Included Worldwide Free Shipping ! By FAST DHL ! (expensive shipping)


High Quality Blood Laser Watch *Included Worldwide Free Shipping ! By FAST DHL ! (expensive shipping)

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Semiconductor laser Therapy Apparatus 


Cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases was called the first killer against human health, and once CHD (coronary heart diseases), cerebral apoplexy or stroke break out, the only consequence is either die or disabled, badly affect the quality of life of middle-aged and elderly and threaten the life time.


For hundreds of years, seeking for a sale and high-efficiency solution against cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases became the major business in medicine, but not successful, but a new window was opened since the application of laser in medicine for treating cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases in recent 30 years.  As the leading manufacturer specializing in the R&D of laser therapy against cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases in China.


Researched the semi-conductor laser therapy apparatus which was adopted with the called “light of life” that a red laser with the wavelength of 650nm. The human organization can be penetrated without any damage via the irradiation the three golden positions of Radial Artery, Neiguan Acupoint and Nasal Cavity, then change the henorhelogy, enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of erythrocyte, promote blood circulation, then the effectiveness of balancing blood pressure, blood fat, blood viscosity and blood sugar, and vascular repairing can be available.

Cold laser therapy is internationally recognized the pure green physiotherapy, no trauma, no side effect and non-invasive, avoid the untoward effect of infection and bleeding, even the side effect and durable dependency from taking drugs by the irradiation of Radial Artery, Neiguan Acupoint and Nasal Cavity, hence it is wonderfully suit for the mid-aged and elderly as the daily healthcare and therapy.



Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Hyperviscosity, diabetes, stroke, rhinitis, and some other diseases caused by ischemic cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases




Nasal cavity


There are plenty of vessels in nasal cavity, and pieces of them make up the net vascular plexus in which the artery plexus called Li Shi plexus and the vein plexus Ke Shi plexus. The blood deep in the vessel of nasal mucosal could flow directly from arteriole into venue without passing blood capillary, and 60% blood flow of nasal mucosal passes by Arteriovenous anastomosis, Meanwhile compared with the blood flow in liver, brain and muscles, turbinate organization is far ahead.

Rich vegetative nerve exists in nasal cavity, like sympathetic nerve consisted of internal carotid artery sympathetic nerve plexus.

The basic cranii can be directly irradiated when having irradiation in the nasal cavity, thus stimulate the nerve in nasal cavity, then prompt reflectively the intracranial circulation and the whole body blood circulation.


Nei-guan acupoint


Attributed to the hand-jueyin pericardium meridian in Chinese meridian science, and is one of ‘’Ba-mai-jiao-hui acupoint’’.

Verified by plenty of experiments and clinical trial tests, the Nei-guan acupoint has the following regulatory function for heart:

  1. The bidirectional adjustment for abnormal sinus rhythm, over speed make it slow down, and too slow make it accelerate.
  2. Increase the blood flowing of coronary artery when acute myocardial ischemia occurs.
  3. Enhance the myocardial contractility and improve the cardiac function.


Radial artery


As one of the body superficial arteries, the reasons why choose the radial artery to irradiate is Radial artery is close to heart, exterior location, much blood flow, and blood flow through from heart every 8 minutes. Meanwhile, it is easy to locate, and paralleled with radial vein, laser is easily absorbed by blood via penetrating the skin vascular wall, and the ensure the therapeutic effectiveness.







  1. The laser bio-heating effectiveness- changes the hemorheology property and soften blood vessel.


Enhance the deformability of red cells and improve the aggregation of red cells and blood platelet when light quantum penetrated into blood, thus separate the gathered red cells, decrease the blood viscosity, enhance the oxygen carrying capacity and accelerate the whole body blood circulation.

Chest distress, hard breath, headache and dizzy giddy disappear, sleeping obviously improved, tinnitus and lacking in strength relieved after about 15 days irradiation.


  1. The laser bio-electromagnetic effectiveness- prevents the blood from gathering and decrease the blood fat.


Light quantum could supply the bio-energy, peel off the fat layer which surrounded with the surface of red cells, to restore the negative charge, enhance the repulsive force between red cells, then avoid gathering, meanwhile activate much organized enzyme in blood, like SOD, melt the redundant fat in blood, accelerate the free radical cleaning, decrease and erase the fat, cholesterol in vessel, finally restore the smooth of vessel, and avoid the risk of atherosclerosis.

The level of serum cholesterol, triglyceride and serum low density lipoprotein decreased obviously after 20-30 days irradiation, then dizzy giddy, headache disappear, good sleeping restore, chest pain, palpitation, limbs numbness and arrhythmia relieved observably.

Triglyceride, low density lipoprotein and serum total cholesterol keep in line with the physiological indicators about 90 days irradiation.


  1. The laser bio-pressure effectiveness- accelerating circulation via nerve stimulating, and dissolves thrombus.


Direct light quantum stimulating effectiveness occurs when irradiate the abundant sympathetic and plexus parasympathetic concentrated on the nasal cavity, reflectively enhance the circulation of blood in the cranial cavity and whole body, the accelerate the blood flowing, avoid thrombosis, improve the blood supply to heart and brain.

Cerebral thrombosis/infarction/hemorrhage, arthrosclerosis, dizziness, tinnitus and lacking of strength and sleepiness practically disappear, memory and hearing being improved obviously after 20-30 days irradiation.


  1. The laser bio-stimulatory effectiveness-adjust nerve and blood sugar, improve pancreas islet.


Light quantum could activated the related enzyme with metabolism rapidly, accelerate the repairing and regeneration of the nervous system and pancreas islet cells, then restore the pancreas islet’s activity, adjust the insulin secretion, correct gradually the disturbance of glycometabolism, hence good effectiveness against diabetes.

Great effectiveness against refractory insomnia, arrhythmia, neurasthenia, autonomic nerve disorder, endocrine dyscrasia, chronic kidney decline, senile dementia and respiratory system diseases after 30 days irradiation.


  1. The laser bio-photochemical effectiveness-activates immune cells and adjusts immunity.


Light quantum directly affect the lymphocyte, leukocyte and macrophage in blood , enhance the energy of immune cells, then prompt the capacity of tress, immunity and resistance of organism.

Make the elderly who suffering many multi-systematic disease get rid of the side effect came from taking drug after a 30 minutes irradiation every day.

Keep long time irradiation could prevent the risk of high blood pressure, hyperlipaemia, hyperviscosity, high blood sugar, artherosclerosis, stroke, cerebral infarction and related ischemic cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases.




Semiconductor laser therapy apparatus& hyperviscosity


Hyperviscosity is usually the direct cause of atheroscerosis, it also can lead to cerebral infarction, myocardial obstruction, diabetes and a series of serious diseases.

The semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus adopts low-intensity laser to irradiate the blood, polysaccharide lipoproteins with poor permeability and many other medium molecular substances adsorbed around the erythrocytes, thus increase the flexibility and permeability of membrane and restore the normal potential of membrane surface, to avoid the aggregation of red blood cells, therapy improving blood viscosity.


Laser therapeutic apparatus& Hyperlipaemia


Through the irradiation of low-intensity laser generated by semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus, it can convert optical energy into biological internal energy to regulate environment of the body, reduce blood viscosity, enhance the deformability of erythrocyte and oxygen carrying capacity, improving microcirculation, active various enzymes, and stimulate the adrenal cortex function, so that the glucocorticoids is increased, it while makes a reduction of synthesis of cholesterol lipoprotein in the liver, accelerating the dissolution of triglyceride, thereby speed up the decomposition of lipoproteins. The is the process of reducing blood-fat by semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus.


Semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus & Hypertension


  • It can reduce blood viscosity, improve( decrease) the degree of erythrocyte and platelet aggregation, decrease (and) peripheral resistance, reduce the cardiac burthen, it plays role in steady blood pressure.
  • Lowering blood fat and improving the flexibility of the vessel wall to restore normal blood pressure.


Semiconductor laser treatment instrument & Coronary heart disease (CHD)

The semiconductor laser treatment instrument can lower the blood viscosity and smooth flow if blood vessel, improve microcirculation, increase the oxygen content in erythrocyte, reduce and eliminate oxygen free radicals, thus preventing thrombosis and coronarospasm, improving the situation of ischemia & hypoxia of myocardium, to reduce the occurrence of angina, complications of myocardial infarction and rates of sudden death.


Semiconductor laser treatment instrument & Stroke


For the patient with prodrome of stroke, the semiconductor laser treatment instrument can play a positive effect of prevention. For the patients suffered from stroke, it can improve the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and minimize the damage of brain tissue. After long-term use of the product, the sequelas of stoke can be improved gradually and cerebral functions can be recovered step by step. During clinical application of the product, a lot of patients restored their language and movement abilities, even a a patient in deep coma (plant man) for 134 days was awaken.


Semiconductor laser treatment instrument & Diabetes


The semiconductor laser treatment instrument affects very well to diabetics treatment and achieved 96% response rate. To some syndromes, such as concurrent peripheral neuritis, diabetic nephropathy, retinal fundus diseases and skin ulcers etc, irradiation therapy by semiconductor laser treatment instrument can reach higher cure rate than drug therapy, since the former can achieve specific result on anti-oxidation and anti-peroxidation of lipid and improve the condition of blood rheology and micro-circulatory, thus effects significantly on prevention and treatment to diabetic microangiopathy.





After 30 mins treatment


We can see the blood red cells activated, it single and back to normal.


After about 30 days treatment


Headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, drowsiness, insomnia, numbness, memory loss and other symptoms change or disappear.


After about 3 months treatment


User tests changes in blood flow, blood tests, blood viscosity cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein, or other indicators fall back to normal.


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