Consultation by Metamaster – Get 2 hours help by Meta Grandmaster himselve (1 session of 2 hours)


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Note: you can order but appointments are available from within June 2020
MGM’s agenda is full till end of May.

Only *urgency calls will be accepted during May (see below)

For those who have a 3D, 8D, Hunter, Biophilia or the special
ISHA Metatron Pro Expert
ISHA Virus Expert Pro Physio
ISHA DNA Expert Pro Physio
ISHA Aura Commandments Pro Physio

Who follow the Apprentice Master Classes.

Who want help on their system and the interpretation of their data.

On catalogs, remedies and many more …..

A 2 hour consultation by metamaster in 1 session.
After you order you will be contacted and an appointment will be made within a
2 weeks time period.

Note: not only the session counts as time, also the preperation of the session, the emails, etc
all do count as paid time.

NOTICE: *Urgency calls
If you have an urgency and need help within 1 or 2 days, by MGM, the hours will be doubled.

So 2 hours will become 1 hours effectively. You agree on booking.

The minimum needed is 2 hours, so order 2x these 2 hours to have 2 hours in case of an urgency



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