These classes are for your personal usage. You may watch them for years to learn.
Do NOT share with others, all videos are registered on your name with hidden codes.
So we will notice. Also the certificates can only be ordered by people who did pay for the classes 🙂

All scientists agree, even professors ….. what you learn here can not be learned at any other place ….. THE SECRETS !

ISHA – The Apprentice Masters Class

LEVEL 4-5 for those who already did buy level 1-2-3 – Watch many times

+ The science knowledge docs you get at no other place  on this planet  !!!

+ Aura commandments

+ Checkup doc for confirmations before doing treatments !

5 levels but in fact we pumped 10 levels into 5

*RAW uncut, not edited, so instead of 5×2 hours you will receive approx 15 hours video.
There is some time non-sync but …. all is handled many times AND …
All who did buy levels 1-2-3-4-5 will also receive for free in April 2018 the edited versions.

Learn what others took 10 years and MUCH much more secrets beyond science !

No other company can provide YOU this secret teachings of NLS.

Everything about 3D – 8D Vector and Lris – Hunter Metapathia GR 4025

Watch for many times.

After receivement of you payment, we will sent you the 3 links and The Special Science DOC on level 3.

Have a wonderfull time coming !


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