ISHA 24K *APM GOLD TEACHER CERTIFICATION – up to 4 HOURS – *Recorded – Provided by Meta Grandmaster – TEST – Become an ISHA APM Master Teacher of NLS and healing, principles and protocolls.


ISHA 24K *APM GOLD TEACHER CERTIFICATION – up to 4 HOURS – *Recorded – Provided by Meta Grandmaster – TEST – Become an ISHA APM Master Teacher of NLS and healing, principles and protocolls.

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Masterclass Metapathia GR Hunter 4025 + 8D Vector.
The best thing to do !

You will get 2 sessions with a total of 4+ hours of one on one training by teamviewer,
so no hidden secrets and all your questions will be answered.

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* ISHA (real 24K) APM GOLD RESELlERS  CERTIFICATION – up to 4 hours !

an official 24K Certificate will be provided *after succesfull test 🙂

(not both at the same time, one at a time)

Note: And you can also become a Certified Gold Reseller when you pass the seperate test.
With good margins, guidance, support.

What to expect ?

*All recorded in multiple video files so you can watch many times.
* And adjustments of your knowledge and advises given, business, personally, health, cliënts and more.

Any questions / Remarks ?  Please ask / say so

YOU have to study The Apprentice Masters Classes Level 1-2-3-4-5
At least 5-10 times ! Be sure YOU know, ALL…..

YOU have to have experiences build up, by yourself or by your
working area wich is complementary.

Yes, you can be a “self controlled person”, or hospital or natural doctor, specialist, neurologist, therapist of all kind,
psychologist, psychiatrist, scientist, professor at a University. All are really welcome !

You have to have the drive to help first YOURself, then family AND other people !

This special session and TEST is done by ISHA NLS Grandmaster
ON YOU ALONE , not a group, so YOU get all attention and intention.

Some can do it within 2, some within 4, some need 6 hours …. no problem !

YOU will do a remote session with Meta Grandmaster
With YOU as your testing cliënt
And show your experiences as teached in The Apprentice Masters Classes, and ISHA Protocolls.
You will be asked questions, be sensed in your sciences and spiritual developments.

With GOOD results, you will receive the “real” 24K Gold *ISHA APM Teacher of NLS Certificate.

(a test has to be done 1x a year)

Note: if money is an issue, NO problem, we will arrange this with 3 monthly payments or orders payback, whatever.
(money is not our drive, its a nessecary need however, to pay our bills too, because we gave away too much already,
all for free the past 40 years ….. and got kicked back by the universe so now we have to ask a fee)

We want YOU to be succesfull in your business ánd in helping people, give them a true 2e chance on happiness
good health, a good life.

All have to do (and pay for later) all coming classes Level 6-7-8-9-10 (to become a ISHA APM MASTER Teacher)
All have to put the isha forum on their website
All have to SHOW their certificate on their website and in their treatment room
All have to order by the ISHA webshop (ISHA will get their high share as written in the agreement)
All who have orders by themselvesown website provide ISHA with a 10% share (even if you do not say, we know…..)
So 90% for you and 10% for ISHA so we can keep helping people.
All orders FROM ISHA to you, is based an an equal share. Our time in helping you is also …. mouth feeding,

But you will get more ….
We will join and You will be followed at your cliënts remote visits 2 times a year, if needed we will help you with missing knowledge.
(or more if you ask for it)
Free usage of the ISHA brand and protocolls,
All support on teachings, healings, nls, special discounts on hard and software for your OWN business usage,
good margins (3 times better than in ITICT), good backup support, trouble shooting, corrections,
guidance backup remote sessions, classes, installation backup support, YES we even join YOU and you cliënt
during installation, classes, so after these, we will talk and adjust.
So a quality wich NO other company can or will give.

But you will receive more ….
We will advise you in Marketing, Pricing strategies (yes we have a University degree in Business & Marketing, too)
Always the newest hard and software for *special TeachersResellers prices, we will invest a lot for you !
But you have to invest time and a little money too.

But you will receive more ….
We will follow your developments and succes in the future and help you anywhere we can.
We will also help you with your personal matters ….. (as many already received)


BUT also a remote healing while doing classes ….. you will be very surprised by the results of your NLS session !
You will all about secret NLS , about yourself, and get energized by Grandmaster while doing the session !

Some people even FLY on their chair while doing these session ….
Others are normally very tired but with these classessessions GET energy and healing POWER
(some even did 12 hours classes at 1 time and still were not tired….)

Also the results on your NLS will show you PROOF  (in 99% of cases).

This session is very intensive so we can do only 1 a day, then we have to train again to gather the forces.


A little about Meta Grandmaster;
Grandmaster Qigong (many forms, arts)
Grandmaster Tao Healing  (Mantak CHia)
Reiki Grandmaster  (Usui Shiki Ryoho, the CORE original group of 500 !)
Master teacher Magnified Healing (Quan Yin)
Grandmaster Prana Healing & Pshychotherapy (Choa Kok Sui)
Highly Master DNA healer
Grandmaster Tenaga Dalam (secret teachings life force, take or give, heal or kill)
Ling Kong Jing (secret teachings energy manipulations)
Theta Healing (Vianne Stibal)
Wushu (many forms)
Pencka Silat (many forms)
Shaman – Life coach – Bio Analysis – Metatherapy – Herbalist – Phytotherapy – Lithotherapy. Researcher.
I have invented and developed the most powerfull remote Scalar Waves Quantum Bio Analysis and healing equipment no other person has on this planet.
I share many secrets but not 100% all 🙂


NLS & Healing Secrets – ONE ON ONE , learn what others took 10 years and healing secrets NO one knows ….
New insights of true NLS knowledge and healing ! AND …. get energized !!!

A very intensive course in 1 DAY , 1 intensive session of +/- 4 hours.
*Or 2 sessions of 2 hours (same day).

WE will record these special session(s) so you definitely have good quality videos, so for you to watch many times.

To know what others took 10 years
(and 99% still do not know the secrets)

All aspects of  Hunter Metapathia and 8D NLS, and famous healing secrets. AND GET ENERGIZED !

Everything with YOU as the subject of research. So you will learn a lot about yourself too.

For all people so also for competitor brands, no problem.
(note you need at least the 8D Lris 3A, preferable, DNA Expert and Virus Expert)

Learn from the best !

Read testimonials from worldwide happy instructed therapists, doctors, users,  here;

or here

Masterclass Metapathia GR Hunter 4025 + 8D , the best thing to do !
You will get up to 4 hours of one on one training by aeroadmin, so no hidden secrets and
all your questions will be answered.

So no more frustrations but good explanations at your desk !

For almost a year we have been giving support to users, doctors, therapists worldwide.
Yes, we also travelled for one on one Masterclasses worldwide and we will keep doing this because its fun :).

We have also done masterclasses by teamviewer and Skype, many times and always with great results.
No hidden secrets.

The companies manufacturors used many times our experience and knowledge to solve problems with customers
if they got stuck. So we learned a lot about the inner missing knowledge of these companies.

One thing is for sure. Chinese people of these companies do not fully understand the english language (no offense, there are exceptions).

Also there is a fact they have many products and attention gets divided. Their goal is to sell not to support. Support cost money.

And this is what we’re gonna do. Provide the best support and doing Masterclasses by teamviewer or on your location worldwide one on one !

Do you want a masterclass ? Order here and we will make an appointment


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