DNA Reiki Quantum Healing Crystal Gold Plated (very rare)


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If you got really stuck in your health and you tried everything ….

There is a solution !

You sent your dna samples (instructions will follow)

We will do a full body scan on 1100 body items like, systems, organs, tissue, cells, dna, rna, molecules.

Put this on video (+/- 2 hours)  and give our commentary. For you to download.

We too create a BUGS list in pdf format.

Wich you can insert into SPOOKY2 , (preferrable JW Killings preset)

And you can kill all disease related bugs.

So GET healthy now and order this DNA research whole body scan + Very rare Healing Crystal.


The healing crystal is infused by; a Reiki grandmaster and …
Remote Quantum Metaphysics NLS Scalar Waves Healing (8D Vector\Hunter, read on this website)
on 1100 items. There will be 24 hours imprinting on 1100 items, 10 times.
While imprinting occurs, your body too gets treated. World premiere !! One of a kind !!

Note: all will be put on video so you will see the progress yourself !
The video’s will be sent for download.

* it is as big as a 50cents coin.


If you want a Reiki/Magnified Healing/Qigong, remote distance viewing of your health
you too can order here (soon)


If you want remote distance Reiki healing from one the worlds most powerfull grandmasters
you can too order here (soon)

Testimonials; worldwide and handwritten postcards, just a few  …..


And of course there will be combinations possibe. Just ask.

Grandmaster Qigong-Tao Healing Mantak Chia, Reiki-Master teacher Magnified Healing Quan Yin – Prana Healing Choa Kok Sui, – DNA healer – Tenaga Dalam – Ling Kong Jing – Theta Healing (V. Stibal) – Wushu – Shaman – Life coach – Bio Analysis – Metatherapy – Herbalist – Phytotherapy – Lithotherapy. Researcher. I have invented and developed the most powerfull remote Scalar Waves Quantum Bio Analysis and healing equipment no other person has on this planet. I share many secrets but not 100% all 🙂

Occupation:Giving NLS Masterclasses all over the world. Healing (remote). DNA\RNA healing. Spooky2\Rife BUGS list creator for taget shooting. Educating healing masters in many healing art forms.









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