If you got really stuck in your well being and you tried everything ….

If money is a problem.  If you want FAST data.  There is a solution !

You can sent your PHOTO + data like: birthdate, adress, bloodtype , Resus +/- , male/female.

We will do 2 full body scans

1). INDEPTH scan with the Hunter Metapathia

2). Auto scan with 8D Expert on 1100 body items like, systems, organs, tissue, cells, dna, rna, molecules.

Put this on video (+/- 2 hours)  and give our commentary. For you to download.

All is done by metamaster and normally the price is 3x and this promo is 4 weeks, so hurry to order !!

Note: also visit the global forum for Healing with speed protocoll
The FREE ISHA cure

Remote Quantum Metaphysics NLS Scalar Waves Healing (8D VectorHunter, read on this website)
*If you want to be treated by our Quantum Scalar Waves Remote healing
on 1100 items, you too can order here.

Note: all will be put on video so you will see the progress yourself !


If you want a Reiki/Magnified Healing/Qigong, remote distance viewing of your health
you too can order here (soon)


Testimonials; worldwide and handwritten postcards, just a few  …..


And of course there will be combinations possibe. Just ask.

Grandmaster Qigong-Tao Healing Mantak Chia, Reiki-Master teacher Magnified Healing Quan Yin – Prana Healing Choa Kok Sui, – DNA healer – Tenaga Dalam – Ling Kong Jing – Theta Healing (V. Stibal) – Wushu – Shaman – Life coach – Bio Analysis – Metatherapy – Herbalist – Phytotherapy – Lithotherapy. Researcher. I have invented and developed the most powerfull remote Scalar Waves Quantum Bio Analysis and healing equipment no other person has on this planet. I share many secrets but not 100% all 🙂

Occupation:Giving NLS Masterclasses all over the world. Healing (remote). DNARNA healing. Spooky2Rife BUGS list creator for taget shooting. Educating healing masters in many healing art forms.









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