RESEND – Bioresonance : The ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes Level 6


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  • GBP: £ 19.84
  • AUD: 38.26 $
  • CAD: 33.70 $
  • PLN: 100.58 zł
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Here you can ask for a resend of your ISHA Apprentice Masters Classes Level 6

* After your purchase of the software and classes, we provide 6 months FREE of charge, resending the software or classes, you did buy.
* The maximum is 3 times resending for free during these 6 months.
* So as we advised many times by the shop notices and the global forum ” MAKE BACKUP COPIES “
* If you order a digital product at any company, they will NOT provide this for free again and you have to buy again.
* Not at ISHA since we do honor our customers as a family for life.

After these 6 months, we need to ask a fee since ;

*If you do not have a yearly support subscription, we have to charge for resending all files.
Support personal, Service, support, file transfers and hosting do cost a lot of time and money…… 🙂
And we need to check all personally if all files are sent and received …. !
So all takes time and efforts to provide you the best quality service on this planet.

*After your order and payment, we will sent all files again within 24 hours for you to download.

Please also provide info like your original order or invoice.

And make sure you provide the same order email addres.

Notice: our system records ; the name, email, time, date, of all downloads for the archive. So no disputes are possible.

Notice 1 : if you loose the curent downloaded files again, you have to re-order again the ” resend files ” , so be wise
and make backup copies.

Notice 2:  *you will not receive software updates or newer classes, you will receive what you originally ordered.
For software and classes updates (newer levels) order at the webshop.

Support: also the ISHA support is outstanding 24×7
In these days, if you need support from a company, no person is available and you have to work with Q&A lists ….. 🙁
Very frustrating for you as a customer and this is why we spend so much time and efforts in personal support
and with a time frame of max 8 hours.

Also the forum provides 24×7 support on all your questions …… for FREE 🙂


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