Bioresonance : GENERATION OF A >> NEW KEY << FOR BIOPHILIA, META 5000+, DOG, CAT HORSE after 3 months of usage


  • USD: 175.00$
  • GBP: £ 142.35
  • AUD: 272.75 $
  • CAD: 235.83 $
  • PLN: 757.00 zł
  • ZAR: 3,316.09 R
  • MYR: RM820.58
  • CNY: ¥1,277.06
  • RON: 815.92 lei
  • BRL: 862.82 $




Here you can ask for a generation of a new KEY for the software packages.

Notice: there is NO dongle included !

For ISHA customers:
The first 3 months
All provided support by 1). the ticket support system 2) email 3) remote 4) Generating new (extra) KEY’s for your 2e pc is totally FREE of charge

*After 3 months we do have to charge since good quality support for 172 countries, does cost a lot of time and money and we like to share 🙂

1). Older ISHA Biophilia X1 , X2, X3
2). Newest ISHA Meta Human Pro 5000+

The first 3 months included for free. For all your pc’s.
Yes you are allowed to install on multiple pc’s and we will generate for free for all pc’s
But the first 3 months …. it is all for free. After that time, we do charge.

After 3 months, we do need to charge since normally in 99% of the cases the KEY and dongle will work for many years to come.
Many use these already for 8 years without any problem(s). Our dongles are absolutely long term guaranteed and always work with the key.

But sometimes the pc crashes or is to old and replaced by the customer. Well that does cost time to generate the KEY
and provide the ticket support. The minimum for generating a new key + ticket support will cost 175 $ usa.

And our team will do its outmost best to provide all needed support by The Ticket Support system on the webshop.
You can order button below

Note: this is NOT included remote support. If remote support is needed  you can order below and make an appointment
If you need more than 2 hours (pc errors, new pc, updates windows, etc) you need to buy the EXTRA hours.

Please provide the info : what is the color of your dongle.

Please also provide info like your original order or invoice.

And make sure you provide the same order email addres.

 *After your order and payment, we will generate the NEW KEY
* And if needed sent all files again within 24 hours for you to download, you can reorder this too.

Notice: our system records ; the name, email, time, date, of all downloads for the archive. So no disputes are possible.

Have a wonderful time coming !


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