ISHA PowerSilverGen Ionic – Colloidal Silver Generator – SPARE SET OF SILVER RODS – * Price included worldwide shipping


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Electrodes .9999 (99.99%) fine silver. They are for the PSG . 2 per set

Note : because of worldwide shipping the costs are higher.
But you can also use the silver rods from your local store.

ISHA PowerSilverGen Ionic – Colloidal Silver Generator
Utilize  CONSTANT CURRENT Technology


ISHA Power Silver Gen ionic/colloidal silver generators are all electronic and do NOT use 9 volt transistor radio batteries or wall transformers used to power small electronic items as most rudimentary units do.  These units use technology and circuitry, not hype. This is true cutting edge technology to the rescue of many in their path to health.

If you really want the best ionic/colloidal silver generator available, this is it.

After 30 years if experience and seeing people failing to make a good quality product, we decided to make a device
wich will do it all. Good quality, automatic, no poisons, only healing.

ISHA PowerSilverGen ionic/colloidal silver generators make small, consistently uniform sized particles of ionic/colloidal silver This is done with a  constant current generator and steam distilled or deionized water.  No additives such as salt are used in the process.  We have several 2 models to choose from, the 110v and the 220v.

The top unit for home use is our automatic model PSG Auto.  This generator has a built in stirring motor and will make the smallest particle size possible without agglomeration.  Agglomeration is what causes color shift to yellow if you use distilled water to make your ionic/colloidal silver.  The best ionic/colloidal silver is clear with no color.  This generator makes ionic/colloidal silver which is absolutely clear,  yet it can be made as strong as 20 PPM under ideal conditions.  The ionic/colloidal silver made with this generator has a very weak Tyndall effect also.  Tyndall effect allows you to see the particles in water.  Weak Tyndall effect indicates smaller particles.   Strong Tyndall effect indicates larger particles.

Note: also use DMSO for a 1000% more effective treatment.


PSG Auto

Colloidal Silver Generator Models

PSG Auto.  The variable control allows you to set the strength desired from 5 to 15+ PPM.  The generator automatically shuts off when the setting is reached.   Control of the generator is NOT done with a timer.   A conductivity sensor and associated circuitry determines when the preset PPM is reached.  Larger volumes of water just require longer production times to produce the CS 

A built in stirring motor keeps the silver atoms from colliding during production, to prevent agglomeration.  All ionic/colloidal silver made with this generator is clear, colorless, very stable and has long shelf life. 

The generator sits on top of any standard mouth jar or can be placed on top of any vessel with a larger opening.   The electrodes are easily attached and replaceable.  Just set it and forget it.  When the green light goes out, the CS is ready to use.  No waiting for the particles to disperse in the suspension.  This unit will make a quart of ionic/colloidal silver automatically and easily.   Comes with .9999 (99.99%) pure silver electrodes.  We also provide a second free set of electrodes with each generator.

It also uses polarity reversing so the electrodes do not need to be cleaned between batches. The oxide is pushed off each reversal.  They are self cleaning, not self polishing which is unnecessary to do.

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