Sky high prices of Amazon seller Medicomat ! Same products as ISHA !

On Amazon, the seller Medicomat sells ” inferior”  products as ISHA, but for sky high prices.

The same products ? Well NO, our systems, hard and software are way HIGHER developed
and can do MUCH more !

And you will get 10 up to 20 times more value for your money !
Jusk ask anyone of our satisfied professional users in over 152 countries …. 🙂

Pricing differences ……. don’t be shocked !

Medicomat sells The Hunter between 6.300,-$ and up to 9.950,00$  !!

*ISHA sells the same Hunter for 2-3 times lower and more newest software, service and
a 100% guaranteed installation worldwide working for …. FREE !

And ours is the ONLY *multi supported system wich runs ALL Meta, 8D’s, 3D , all …..


Proof ? Look here for live real proof on Amazon, just search medicomat

We at ISHA sell the newest 3D NLS for 40% less AND NEWEST devices and software (not old inferior stuff)
+ worldwide FREE installation checkup for a 100% guaranteed working !!

And we have a 3D-8 wich also supports future 8D…

So what is honest pricing ……. and do not forget, support, warranty, masterclasses, extended warranty etc. by ISHA.

*Another example of a competitor in Africe is

Who does sell a OLD 3D for 1200 US $  with a dedicated support team worldwide ?  

At ISHA only 50% less for the newest.


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