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Thomas Seis

I lately bought the newest ISHA 3D NLS Plus + Dongle and I am very happy with it and with its quality.

When I received my device,

Wim immediately offered me to help me installing the (...)

Ted Petrochko

ISHA is a great source for NLS tools...with great pricing.
I ordered a ISHA 3D NLS in April 1 and received delivery in New Jersey USA on April 10.

I am securing a laptop this Sunday and (...)

Emolio Radic

Here goes the story:
Just couple months ago I got hunter 4025 and it came with support of many manuals,
BUT reading it was never so easy way to learn for me.

I learned to program the code (...)

Maggie UK

I'd have been lost without Wim's help

Alex USA

Hello to everyone I want to express my excellent and positive experience I had with ISHA store. I ordered the hunter 4025 with all the bells and whistles from the ISHA site and also I took the (...)

Thomas Österreich

Just finished my first Masterclass with Wim successfully and I am very happy that Wim is offering it. What you may learn in this Masterclass you can not compare with any written instruction (...)

Peter Carlich

Good Morning ISHA......My name is Peter Carlich and I am from a little place called Tidewater, Oregon here in America, I met Wim on the Spooky forum this last year as we had been trading (...)


Master Classes "Ian" It is money well spent. You receive more than what you spend

Kevin UK

If you have a need then the Master class by Wim is a must.

I had been in contact with Wim on the Spooky2 forums and got my Hunter before ISHA had been set up.

And Wim still managed to get (...)

Michael Lauengco

Wim is awesome and such a good and kind person whom you can trust. He does his best to help you. Using Reiki and quantum scalar remote diagnosis scans and treatments, he has been helping my (...)


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Thomas Seis

Hi all,
I did place an order with ISHA and I am very happy with fast delivery and excellent service and support! 😉
Keep on going!
Great Qi, stay happy and healthy,

Philippe Glaude

Hello everyone
I am Philippe of paris and I placed an order on the site Isha.
On the one hand I am very satisfied of the presentation of the site.
I bought the hunter 4025 and I am very (...)

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