Do YOU want to pay more ? For 100x Less ?

When you become a member of the ISHA family, we will treat you as our own family !

Thats our promise …. of the ISHA Gold Resellers family , see here the global ISHA forum

Do you really want to pay more for inferior old products  ?

Up to 2 –8 times our prices ? For OLD outdated software and systems ?

Bad support ?  Bad Service ? Bad warranties ?

Sky high pricing, only for a few ?

See for pricing here
Pay 18.000 $ (17x times more expensiv)  for a simple system ?

While we are the only who develop the newest and most extended systems ….. THINK

While ISHA is the inventor of many new NLS products like The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box,
The ISHA Multi Power Zapper, The ISHA Rife imprinting Power Box, and many more …

The very powerfull ISHA software versions. Worlds most stable and highly developed ….

While we are the only with a global forum and The Apprentice Masters group ?
While we are the only who really teach and help ?
While self controlled users, therapists from all origins, psyhologists, psychiatrists, scientist
and yes, even professors have joined our group ….. so wake up ! Do not be fooled.

We believe in fair honest pricing so all will be available despite your income.

See here prices from competitors up to 5 times more for OLD ystems !!!!

See here the testimonials from real people all over the world

Now lets look at the schocking prices of competitors …   $9,875.00 for a basic Hunter while we provide
10 times more software, for 40% of this price !
We provide a Hunter machine wich also supports all 8D and 3D software …. so 3 in 1 machine and for 60% less
And we provide also The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box for remote scans and treatments…..
We provide Hunter Metapathia software + 8D Aura Surgery + 8D Aura + Virus Expert + DNA Expert + 3D
And for much much less than this basic old machine …… 

Go here    (ssch brand with errors)

or here

Do not be schocked, they have the same main manufacturers as we do.

or here;

The 8D Vector software from 2016 is sold in India at very high prices.

(ours is from may 2017)

They charge, >> 10 times higher\more expensive price than at the ISHA shop…… (something to think about, right).

185,000.0 rs > +/- 2.875 $

or here; (same products, same factory)

3D NLS, at ISHA only 895 $ including worldwide shipping.

Here a competitor 2.495 $   (excl. shipping)


We at ISHA sell the newest 3D NLS for 50% less AND NEWEST devices and software
+ worldwide FREE installation 100% guaranteed !!

So what is honest pricing ……. and do not forget, support, warranty, masterclasses, extended warranty etc. by ISHA.

*Another example of a competitor in Africe is

Who does sell a OLD 3D for 1850 US $  !  

At ISHA only 50% less for the newest device + software + 100% guaranteed installation worlwide ….

Or here; (same product, same factory, basic version Hunter, excl. all extra software) > 7.000 $    (ISHA only 2275  $ for same Hunter)


In the interest of a better service, business development, growth and future sustainability I have been advised to increase my prices.  Our aim is to get more Hunters into as many hands as possible. We are establishing a centre of excellence in London with the aim of being able to train and treat more people. I would also like to thank all the early adopters for their feedback and inspiration. For those of you who are still making up your minds,  

The New Hunter price is £5,546 Brittish pounds.   >>  7.000.00 $$$   (for a basic version)

And you can now apply for the easy payment plan with a deposit of £1,000 and ten monthly payments of £349.50

The New Hunter 4025 NLS still represents great value for money even if its just for the convenience of treating while wearing a special set of headphones. The attached comparison chart will give you a feel of where we are headed with this amazing technology. We are also planning to invite everyone to an event where we can meet up, share and learn from our experiences with guest speakers.”

Kind regards, Kevin

Kevin Davies
Skype: kevindavies.kd



*We at ISHA believe in reasonable prices for everyone. Our Hunter is the same but with many more software
for less than half this price ….

And our prices are included worldwide FREE shipping ….
And we have the best support, for testimonials go here 

But if you have a money tree …. and do not need good support ….. pay 3-10 times our prices 🙂

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